My new UNI

Yay, I just got my swell new uni built that I have been putting together for 4 stupid months. It’s the ginchiest.

Great for you! Now don’t give us any details about it… :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks great! I love that tire! cant go wrong with that uni.

Must we ask once more?

Details people! Details!

Guys give him a break, I don’t really think the pink seat cover was a good choice, but no need to criticize :wink:

Your tire is on backwards! :wink:

Ahh, so that’s what ginchy unis look like. :slight_smile:

I know mynutsache so here it is:

Green Nimbus trials frame
Nimbus Hi-Top Grey
Onza sticky fingerz
alex dx 32 rim
nimbus isis hub
KH 110mm isis cranks
Animal hamilton green pc pedals



I am unfamiliar with this term. Please enlighten.

it might mean ugly? lol :wink:

He’s basically saying it is very cool.