My new uni, this is what im going to get

OK all, This is my new unicycle. (well this is the shopping cart from My color scheme that im going for is a yellow/black finish. I think it will look pretty good.
Please reply, Keep criticism (spelling?) constructive. Let me here your thoughts. I havent clicked check out yet lol. So everything is still good.

Nimbus 20’’ frame, Black
nimbus rim/creepy crawly tire
Generic tire tube
Quax hub/crank assembly ( has some problems)
black spokes

total for uni stuff- $260

You probly need a seat and a tube and a clamp… but maybe not… you could just ride by holding the frame

he probally has that from his other uni.

Yeah, im keep my seat and set clamp from my old unicycle.

You forgot rim tape.

oh yeah, gota add rim tape then… ok thx!

would kh rim 19’’ rim tape work? just wandering since I dont know what to look for at the moment

it should, if not just get the generic thing off of udc. also actual rim tape, meaning comes in a roll, would work, too. you can also find that on udc.

ok thanks man! My whole unicycle set up is going to be doing like 5ft drops. Also some awesome trials I hope