my new uni is too big :(

Well my new nimbus longneck came yesterday and today when i got home i built it, to find that its too big :frowning: now i have to send it back :frowning: i gonna see if i can just send back the frame and have them send me a smaller one, but i havent called them yet. I dont want to have to send this back because the other long neck is semi-rounded. :frowning: Anyone have any suggestions as to a different frame/uni?

Is it the frame that is too big, or the seat post that is too long? If it is the seat post, then that can easily be cut short.

Note also that many people with their first uni put the seat too low. The seat is the right height when you can sit on the saddle, evenly balanced (against a wall or fence) with the pedal at the very bottom of its travel, your heel on the pedal, and your leg comfortably straight.

That’s for normal riding - although of course you don’t actually ride with your heel on the pedal.

You might lower the seat a little bit for MUni, and a bit more for all that fancy jumping stuff.

I remember that he got the 400mm seat tube on the frame, so his frame is too tall. I do agree though, the seat should be relatively high for a freestyle uni anyhow

The semi rounded one is better for one footed tricks because theres more foot room, but it would be terrible for stand up tricks. Semi rounded also isn’t the best description, its angled, here take a look:

Woah, and that is a huge gap between the tire and crown, my trials uni has a smaller gap :astonished:

In that case i ould cut the seat-tube on the frame and saw a new slice in it, grind the edge nice and smooth (inside to)
But that’s me :wink:

Brian O: That sure is a high crown!
Has to be 5 cm, 2" tyre-crown…

That too could make it hard to do standup stuff.

Yeah, that is a 2.1" tire with that frame too, the flat crowned version of the frame which I ended up with instead is a good deal lower, the top of the crown is 2.0 inches above the tire. The slanted one, at its highest point was probably 2.75-3.0" above the tire. My torker is definitely closer but I dont think its any higher than a yuni style frame, it just looks to be because its less substantial.

this is a bit of a thread jack, but for those curious, this is the clearance on the 20" flat crowned longneck nimbus frame in comparison to an average size 9 US shoe.