My new uni game

This site used to have all kinds of videos and stuff, but it was all outdated, so i replaced it with this uni game i made. See how long you can balance, there are even online High Scores.

I am willing to help people with their own websites if anyone is interested, please e-mail me at if you are interested in getting any help since I don’t check the forums often. Enjoy :slight_smile:

21.6 after several tries.:o

Hey thats pretty cool! i only got 14.6 :frowning: :smiley:

very nice!

That’s a pretty cool game, but it’s a lot like the other one on the net. Would it be possible to make it like a trials game with hops and stuff?





24.54 and number 97 in the top 100!

I can regularly get 21-22 seconds now, and I’m aiming for the top ten!

I only managed 22 seconds…

i got 23.07 and i like that game getter than the other one that is circling around but i would like to see a trials or muni game

22.5 after a few goes. Those are VERY long seconds!

Edit: actually after playing it again I think perhaps the seconds are normal length - unless my brain has slowed down to compensate :thinking:

soooo close to being in top 25. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
If it werent for that jeremy bloke, i’d be in 6’th place
hah! i just got 5’th place!

im in da top ten!! and 27. sumthim:D

im in da top ten!! and 27. sumthim:D

As far as making a muni game goes, that is much more difficult, but i think it would be something I would attempt. Posting in this forums gave the game an extra 800 plays in under 4 hours :slight_smile:

Anyways…congrats to all who got in the top 100. 26+ takes mad skills. I think Jeremy changed his mouse sensitivity for his scores.

Future of the game: Ideally I will make the instant replays get uploaded if you earn a top 50 score so other people can watch it. I might introduce obstacles of some type, but I don’t want to pose off of the cheesy ebaumsworld unicycle game.

Is there another flash pro on these forums that could help me with a trials game, please email me if there are, cuz that would be tight.

Nice game, at first I thought it was another one of the ones with the stick figure, but it wasn’t just very similar, but different.

I already had made the basic element of this game, when i saw the stick figure one online, i thought i should put a little more time into it, because i don’t like how the stick figure one works. I saw it became very popular so I thought my version would work well, mine is also a competition of skill, rather than extreme patience required for a high score in the other game. The other game has a record of 3+ hours i think…I feel bad for whoever got that record…lol

How did you use flash to keep track of the scores? I made a game, and want to be able to see peoples high scores and keep track of the top 10, etc. etc.

I stopped messing around with flash with flash 5, I mainly used flash 4. How did you manage to do the instant replay, that is really cool. I might have to get the latest version of flash and see if I remember any of it. I know that the layout is completely different and some of the actionscript has changed.

lol, i just tied for first!

Budd White

That is one of the things on my to do list before I die. I guess I should finnish learning flash first, though…

I know that there are some flash games that can be customizable, changing the character for a unicyclist or a unicycle

I would appreciate any help in this tale