My New Uni and It's First Ride

Awhile back I asked the world, “What is the Best All-Purpose Unicycle?” I had been planning on buying a new Uni and I kinda had the base criteria I needed. All I really wanted was a sturdy Uni. Anyway in that specific post, I heard a very important piece of advice. Pay Attention Now…. You may need this advice later….

Of course you thing may not be trials but you get it.

I Still continued looking for the best all purpose uni but I kept thinking about what Mikefule told me. So I bought a Summit Trials Uni. Damn I love trials. Thanks Mike.
(P.s. I’m gonna buy a Freestyle uni next! :D)

So it arrived today, (ooh, I was so excited) I Slapped on that saddle and twisted on those pedals and aired up the tire and I was good to go. I waited till late tonight to go out, since that is when I usually ride, and went to the QU campus. Oh what a glourious ride. Ever have those days where you feel you could do no wrong? (Jag knows what I’m talking about) That was today. I even nailed a SWEET Trials Run First time I hit the complete crank grab… Check it…

That’s why I love college campuses, so many fixed objects to do trials on. JOY!

It took a bit to get used to. Going from a 24” chrome Torker to the 20” Summit with the 2.5” tire was a bit to get used to. At first I couldn’t jump very high but now I’m doing great! Anyway, Still looking for a good name for my summit. (Thinking something like “Capt. Bunny Hop” or “Col. Crank Grab”)

Wow, I feel so powerful.

Ed Edd and Eddy Quote of the Day:
Edd: Oh Dear. Rolf’s customs have a freightingly high budget.


It sounds like you have loads of fun waiting for you.

I noticed there wasn’t a “checked the spokes” in your description. Just a reminder :wink:


PS. IMHO “Col. Crank Grab” sounds best. “Capt. Bunny Hop” sounds too much like a character in a childrens book. Feel free to ignore anything I say though :slight_smile:

Re: My New Uni and It’s First Ride

i can remember reading that bit of advice from mikefule and thinking about your original post about versatility and wondering if u were goint to be ‘wise’ enough to take mike’s advice
sounds like u got it right!

onto the name thing
u have the military ranks in there
i thought i’d mention the fact that today in 1782, general george washington established the ‘Purple Heart’
america’s oldest military decoration still in use
simple realism suggests that u will get ‘injured in the line of trials duty’ at some stage…

get some flame decals and call it the ‘Purple Colonel’?

just a thought


Does yours say summit on the side? I sa a lot of people either remove the summit sticker or it didn’t come with it. The reason I say this, is because they were adding the black bedford flames to the side of the forks and man does that look great. You might want to check it out. Even though it will look like a lot of other summit uni’s, it will be original to just about everyone else who sees it, and it looks sweet. Just my .02.


Speaking of the Summit with flames, here is a pic of mine:

It looks reddish in the shot but its really orange.


I’m to lazy to quote all the questions, so here it goes,

Yeah i did notice that they were both Military posts. My other uni is “Sir Crash-a-Lot” Due to it being my first uni. That whole “Purple Colonel” sounded really good, but i would force myself to paint it purple. :smiley:

I did check the spokes, they seemed a teensey-weensey bit off. The ride was ok but near the end it was making a few noises so i’m taking it in today.

Mine Came with the Summit sticker. The flames look cool, but i don’t know if it’s that cool. Maybe after awhile i take the simmit sticker off and get the flames.

Umm i think that was all of them…

Congratulations on your new uni. I picked up one of these in early summer. That was the first time they went on sale…without the KH seat. I have been very happy with mine, and I’m sure you will be with yours as well. In addition to the spoke check, I had to antiseize the cranks and hub to silence the squeaking. This might be something you may want to do as well.

As for the name… I will soon be getting the flames, I’m thinking about putting them over the Summit sticker (you opinions please). I have yet to decide on a color for the flames. My uni’s name will be “Trogdor” once the sticker is slapped on it. I know that doesn’t help much, but I just wanted to share. :wink:


what do you mean by “antiseize” the cranks? i’ve also had the squeeking problem with my KH cranks i’d love to know how to sort it out.


Yeha, How does one ani seize the cranks?

p.s. Trogdor is a great name. Whne you ride it you should sing the Trogdor theme… “TROGDOOOOOOOORRRR!”


There are many threads on how to anti seize splined hubs/cranks. I found out about the creaky Profiles after buying them, strangely the creaking isn’t part of the description when they sell it to you. I am waiting for a bearing puller so I can anti-seize my stubborn left crank. Check out this Summit thread or search in Google for advice on how to anti-seize. Basicly it means pulling it to bits and covering the splines with muck, because it is dry metal on metal that makes the creaking. Lubricated metal doesn’t creak as much when it rubs together. The added bonus of Anti-seize (or grease) is that it protects your axle from corrosion as well as preventing annoying noises.

Isn’t it amazing what upgrading your unicycle can do? Buying a better uni won’t make you pro, but it sure makes things more fun!
BTW, I liked the graphic of your trial run. :slight_smile:

Actually, lewis’s summit was creaking a bit until I tightened the cranks, no problems as far as I know now. I think I only tightened them a half turn or so.


Thanks again for taking the time to tighten the Summit up. It has been a sweet ride ever since!


thanks for the anti-seize advice ill have to try it out.

my Kh cranks are tightened as much as possible and yet one of them still creeks :angry: hopefully anti-seize will work.

like the flames on the summit btw.


Anti-seize on the bolt threads will let you get the bolts tighter. The combination of anti-seize on the bolt threads and anti-seize on the splines along with tightening the bolts really tight will stop the creaking.

Then remember to check the crank bolts for tightness regularly.

wow, what a typo… I meant to say spokes, not cranks.