my new trials...

Well, after bending the hub and twisting the rim (no longer true) I’ve decided it’s no longer safe to do trials on my lx. I now do trials on my 24’’ dx and I’m hoping that this is going to make me a stronger rider so that if I ever get back to a smaller wheel, I will be able to hop higher and have more control.

Why didn’t you do trials on the dx in the first place?

I dont think he had it when he was doing trials on his LX.

Youl be able to do street and trials, and of course, muni, just fine on your 24.

Kris Holm used to use a 24 for his trials stuff, and theres other riders on here that are amazing using a 24 for street and trials, like Justin and Mango. =p

He’s had it a couple months or somethin.

A 24 will work fine, I used a 24" dx for trials and moved onto a kh 20. I can hop quite a bit higher with ease…but with practice I could reach basically the same height I can on the 20 with the 24".

My 20 is way too small though. My seatpost is 2 inches in the frame and it’s still too low. I’m kinda itchin to buy a kh 24 now for trials…plus the speed on a 24 inch is obviously much faster.

I tried trials with a 24 dx, I am no good at hopping, but trials was fun.

I’ll trade you