My New Trials Uni Came!

Today when my dad picked me up from my hike skool i had the biggest stupid grin on my face. Two seconds later it was complete sadness. My dad said it hadnt come and he was serious. My hearts sank but as we neared home i got more optimistic and started saying a few prayers that it was here. When i got home(you know what happened) I saw it there my new Nimbus trials uni nice and ready for me(in the box) on the porch. It had come. I squealed with delight as I ran to embrace my newborn child.I rushed into the garage where I quickly but thouroughly assembled it. I did a seat hight test and rode it throught the garage a few times to make sure all was well. My next venture was the front of my houe where i quickly mastered riding in a straight line on a curb for about 30 yards(took about 10 minutes). I then made a quick ride around the block(about 4/5 of a mile) and proceded to the park(after realising how hard it was to mount on a trampoline) I rode through some gravel and rode into the park and maade it about halfway around the circle curb(it sorta breaks off of the sidewalk and circles the whole slide area) and rode on some wood mulch. I then made my way down a 6 stair on the 3rd try and rod down one of my usual muni spots to take a quick ride down the hill and then made my way back towards home where just uuntill now i have been working on my jumps with bricks(making brick staircases on 3 steps and jumping off using cinder blocks) i was able to make it up allthree sets twice but have barely managed to make it up the second stair most of the time) My mounting is getting much better and i will soon conquer the beast and make a steady conversion from only 24" to both 20" and 24". I might make it to the skate park to tri a hand at going down really steep hills on such a small wheel but ill have to wait and see. Man am i happy.

Oh and forall of you that were wondering it has.

KH seat
BMX pedals
Lasco cranks
Nimbus Frame
Luna 2.5" tire
CrMo Hub
AlexDX 32 Rim(it supprised me too)
and some generic bearings.

I am able to ride backwards just as well on this uni but one footed it a little weird but coming along. Man Im gonna go ride again. If i do go to the skatepark or to my school to work on trials ill probably have video of it and definetely some pics.

May I ask what you have been riding before? How long you have been riding?

Not to rain on your parade, but you should order some bike euro cranks now, cuz those lascos aren’t gonna work for long. That way, the bike euro cranck will be ready for you when you get home from snapping those lascos. But otherwise it sounds like a super sweet ride.

Yes i know the feeling of awaiting the arrival of a new trials. When I was waiting for my summit to arrive a few months ago I watched constantly. I’d say I had to goto the bathroom at school and run to the nearest computer lab to look at it’s progress and as soon as it arrived home i played sick in the middle of the day and went home to assemble it which was suprisingly easy (just put the seat post in and tighten). But my point is, anyway, have an excellent time and consider getting those euro cranks like said before…or with a trials uni…perhaps you would ocnsider getting a splined KH hub/crank to put on for the rest of your unicycle frames life. They are real durable and reasonably cheap. HAPPY TRIALS!

It is a sweet ride. I probably wont buy new cranks for a little while tho becaue really i can wait a week and use my old crappy torker cranks. So im planning on waiting till i break these(which wont be long beacue i already landed a few 2foot drops on solid cement today and made it fine. I also dont mind taking a week off from trials to do some freestyle stuff.

Rayden: Ive been riding my 24x2.1" Muni and started riding three years ago. About a year after learning to ride and getting used to ligt terrain i upgraded to some better cranks that have held up quite well even through 6foot drops on soft dirt.

My only complaint about it is the pedals that come with it dont really have enough grip for my chuck taylors so i plan on putting my yellow ones on to match the seat(i asked for a yellow seat in the comments part and was nice enough to say ok). and the seat post is about 4 inches long for me so ill have my dad cut it down to size soon.

Lasco cranks

My 20" Nimbus trials came with a black-painted steel alloy crank, not Lasco’s as you describe. Are these the cheap aluminum ones sold on or some other model of Lasco’s? No problems with ours yet.

tey dont really look like ther lasco’s on and from what ive heard i hope theyre not. Id post a pic but i dont have my camera right now cause my dad needs it for buisiness.

I’ll have to remember to ask for special things when I buy from :slight_smile: Never occured to me.