My new toy came on friday :-)

I am now a proud owner of a qu-ax muni 24" with splined hub+ cranks, also I have a new thing I just invented ( i think) qu-ax knees i keep hitting the inside of my knees on the frame at least I don’t have kh ankle!
I had to cut of about 2-3 cm’s off the seat post just so i could ride it! it’s got 170’s on it and i find them ok not to fast but make light work on hills:D not riden it as a muni yet i am just gonna get used to it first… up dates later see ya around bye

Have any pics of the new addition?

Hey, glad to hear you got it at last! I know you haven’t had much chance to put it through its paces yet, but how do the hub/cranks seem? Super tough? If you’re not too bothered about brakes at the minute, you could get the standard black Qu-Ax frame to replace the oversized one. It’s the essentially the same as the Nimbus 2, but with better mud clearance on top and with a 25.4 seatpost. Dirt cheap too! Got on one my muni and I love it. I think my pics are in the first page of the gallery at the minute…

wow its come at a last try not to break too many arms and legs!

Happy muniing! :wink: