My new Summit!

At last, I have gotten pics. I bought a KH post, Kh seat with Fusion cover and blue Primos.

I also hopped up onto a 10 inch flowerbox and I landed a 2 foot drop over the weekend. That’s just for starters. I’m just getting the hang of trials and hopefully I’ll be getting better as time goes on. I know it’s capable of way more. Enjoy the pics!


big deal

if it was something like a lightrider, we might be interested…

Hope you enjoy your riding! Thanks for sharing the photos, and all the best with learning more trials-type stuff… :slight_smile:

Awesome! Good riding! Ive been wondering how much better the KH seat is with the fusion cover. Will you post something after you’ve ridden for a while lettin me know what you think? Also, where did u get ur Summit, cause ive been thinking of getting one.

im interested in hearing about this FUSION seat cover since i had to do some home surgery on my really old KH seat and well it didnt make it trough the opperation. i have to modify the seat base with some new bolts and probably one of those seat covers.

Nice one! I’ve been looking everywhere to try buy one of those. How did you do it?

thats awesome. a summit just went on ebay for $172 or something, if i had the money i would have bid.

that summit finished at $280.
they always finish around $310… this is the first that’s finished under!

Ahhhh…brand new:

Looking good! Enjoy…

I got this one from AccordNSX. If you can find one, it’s going to either be on the forums or Ebay or a private seller, basically. Mine was $212 shipped and then the stuff I got was $104, so total $316 and change. Still not bad, I think. If you can find one, snap it up. Best for the price, in my opinion.

As far as the seat goes, I didn’t want the KH at first. I wanted the Torker LX and then convert it to air later, Miyata style. However, upon talking to UDC, the Torker requires the Torker post, which then requires quite a bit of shimming to get it out to the Summit’s large inside post diameter, which is 29.2mm. The Torker post is 25.4. They advised against this in order to maximize the strength of the unit. A small post and a big frame that are held together with a big shim or a number of small shims is not the way to go, I guess. The GB4 post was the same. The best route to go is the KH post, at 27.2mm and that requires the KH seat. My previous experience with the KH was not pleasant. I felt that it had too much curve to it and I thought I would like a flatter seat. So I got the Fusion in order to either be able to easily shave foam off the ends or do an air conversion later. However, the cover seems to make it feel softer and the shape seems more forgiving. I don’t think I’m going to be touching the foam for a while. It feels fine. I really don’t know how else to compare the two seats, because my time in the standard KH seat was so limited.

What I do remember of the old KH seat was the handle and how it didn’t feel good on my fingers and how it would bend too easily. This has been remedied with the new seats. The shape on the underside is now much easier and comfortable on the hand and the amount of bend has been drastically reduced.

I think the seat and the $15 extra is well worth it. I haven’t actually taken it off yet, but if I do later, I will post some more comments. If anyway has any more experience or info regarding how the KH and Fusion seats compare, please share. I would like to know as well.

I got two shims, with a Torker LX saddle on my Summit. Not sure on the post. It works fine.


Total, you should relax. Also, unless you happen to be 2 people, please don’t use “we” since I am absolutely sure you have not, do not, and will not represent me.

Nice uni! It sounds perfect for you. I hope you have fun with it.

You’ll notice as soon as you open the seat up that trimming and shaping the foam is not easy. I gave up on an airseat for my cf saddle, so I decided to use the foam off one of my old, broken KH’s. Cutting the stuff is pretty hard. It’s doable, but it’s hard.

Hmm. Well, maybe my next seat will be a Torker. Whatever works.

And total uni, the Lightrider is a $1500 unicycle. I’m not going to compare a $300 trials to it. Why don’t you get one and tell us about it?

total uni, the Lightrider is a $1500 unicycle. I’m not going to compare a $300 trials to it. Why don’t you get one and tell us about it?

infact i am buying one

Cool. Love to see it.

NICE! I like the summit. Especially when they’re new and shinny like that one, they look very clean and sleek.

Hey total why didn’t you just quote sigurd instead of typing what he said…

also why get a lightrider?

I deffinatly don’t think that its worth the $1,500.

why not just get a profile wheelset, gaz, Yuni frame, and a KH seat for like a third of the price? I seariously dout anyone needs a uni that light for Muni.

P.S. I apologize for the going off topic

i like spending/wasting money

Give it to me. Do you have a pic of this seriously overkill uni?


PS. Serious about giving me money if you want to.