My new street video ! Hard Core !

I already posted it in unicycling vid, but I’ll post it again here…

Youtube Link

Leave comments please !


woah…that is an AWESOME video! amazing riding!

cool vid, the only thing that stops me saying awsome is the vid quality :frowning: is there a HQ version?

That was really good. To bad the video quality wasn’t better.

Yes, I have one right here on my computer, but where can I put it on the internet ?

show biz

You are a great rider. Your mish mash of 5 second clips lacks a sense of flow and plot development. There is never a moment where the viewer can feel tense and wonder "is he really gonna do that ".
Think of Kris’s great videos. First he’s balancing serenely, then smiles at the camera, with a cliff in the background. The watcher admires the tranquil scene, but then “oh no, that guy is riding towards the edge.” At this point the suspense is building as he hopes from rock to rock, a bit closer to the edge. The camera angle changes, but it clear to the viewer this is all of one scene. By the time he is riding along that awesome drop off, people have had 30 seconds of wondering,“oh my god.” " That nut is riding along the edge ". And by the time he gets there, we are all riding with him.
Now imagine if he had filmed it differently. Used a bunch of 5 second clips, in the same place, without the feeling of watching an awesome event unfold before your eyes. Even if he had done harder tricks, it wouldn’t be near as good. Almost all of Kris’s takes are long enough to tell a little story. He lets the audience have time to wonder “now where is this nut going to go with that thing now” ? Then the feeling of awe builds as he takes you there.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the constructive comment. I know exactly what you mean, Kris’s videos are really enjoyable to watch because of that little thing. But I don’t think it would be appropriated for a street video, or at least for my videos. First of all, it needs to have something awesome and extreme, what I think my videos don’t contain. Second, it’s a hard work of angles and creation. Kris is probably filmed by professionals who know what they are doing. I’m not. These videos are just amateur ones that I’m filming with some of my friends. Third and last, Muni/Trial is not the same thing as Street. Street riding is a really fast style, bang ! bang ! bang ! It can’t be filmed the same way as Muni’ing. But for big street, what you are talking about could be good. The camera could take the rider before, hesitating in front of a 40 stair set hand rail, and etc etc.

Anyways, thank you all for your comments, it helps me know what I’m doing wrong and right !


Maybe you could post your own video, so we can see your personal editing style, since a video’s worth a 1,000 words! :sunglasses: We’ll be watching for it!

Wow. How much is the furthest rolling hop you did?

The furthest… :thinking:

I don’t know why you’re asking about distance, but I did 8 feet.

If you were asking about height, I did a 89 cm roll hop yesterday.


Because some distances look more than I could jump even without a uni.
It’s awesome:)

Oh ! Yeah sorry, I forgot about that first clip ! It was 7 feet long.

dude you are my new favorite rider… love the pace of the video, its just one thing after the other. Keep it up bro., gallerary, some other free hosting site (others may know more)

Making my own video

Maybe some day. I’m still learning very basic stuff, idling , hopping in place etc.
I worked for many years as a street performing juggler. I knew a great many jugglers. With a few notable exceptions, there seemed to be a direct correlation between how good a guy juggled, and how bad his act sucked. Talented people tend to love their craft, and perform it in a way that is only appropriate for a group of fellow experts.
Usually I would never help them. They tended to hate me anyways, the better my show did then theirs the more they would hate me. So the people who could really use my advice the most I would leave to twist in the wind.
But you young fellows are more fortunate. I will tell you a great secret I once shared with a guy who went on to become a tolerable entertainer instead of just another “technical juggler " who couldn’t hold a crowd. I must have been drinking then, now I am just old and you can’t try to work my spot anymore. :sunglasses:
“Your problem is you never stop juggling “, I said. " Did you ever notice how I just stop every once in a while and just look at the crowd ? Make a few gestures and talk garbage ?”…” See these torches ?, you always fuel yours ahead of time, to get ready for your show. I never do. I fuel them during the show, so I have to stop juggling to do it. "
“What’s the sense of that” ?, he asked . “My problem is I’m losing the crowd!
I can’t stop juggling like that to do something boring like pour gas on torches!”
“Well, you’re gonna have to”, I told him,… " cause if you don’t stop, how are people gonna be able to wonder if you’re gonna start again?”
“And if they don’t wonder that, how can they care if you do.”
Notice how Kris breaks up his death defying scenes with dog walks. Same principal. Believe it or not,if they were all death defying, it would be less exciting!
This could be adapted as easily by one style of riding as another. It is not necessary to convince the people you must have the lifespan of mayfly. Thats Kris’s great talent. And talent is just a crutch in show biz. Other talents work just as well.
In summery, perform a string of tricks together so as to build suspense. Start at the end of your course and work your way through it. You want your
audience to try and guess where you are going before you get there. :slight_smile: