My new street unicycling video

It’s mostly street unicycling, with a few new clips mixed in with old ones. I put it together on windows movie maker and it was my first time using the program, anyways check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks.

not linkin park again, i havn’t even watched the video yet so ill tell you what i think in a little bit…

edit: riding was good, just a not when you first edit with wmm your all into the “effects” but their not that great. Try and stay away from slo moing something 4 times and dont use their “transitions” riding was good, liked the grind. And man you really beat the crap outta that learner didnt you!

ok all advice taken, yeah i was just experimenting with windows movie maker and seeing what it could do. Yeah suprisingly the only thing i broke on that learner was a pedal :D. But now i got my new nimbus trials which is ace. Thanks for the positive feedback

You pretty much used everything on wmm huh? haha. The riding was ok and I actually enjoyed it once I took out the music.

how that learner uni holding up?
it must be pretty solid (myne snapped landing like a 3foot drop :frowning: )
great riding btw:D
and bad music:p

Haha, I apologise in advance for this post.

What do you get from your sponsors? They must be pretty lame. Dont use all those crappy wmm effects. You showed the same clip of that seatdrop like 5 times or something and slowed it right down and stuff, why? sorry im being so negative, Im sure you put alot of effort into it and stuff. The grind was pretty good, im sure I saw that ages ago.

Cool vid! Nice flipping, you’re almost there. Doing good.
A few tips:

A: repeats are for absolutely amazing tricks that are difficult to comprehend. A 720 shown normal, than reapeted slow like in Fredrik J’s vid is the way to go. Don’t just re plastering the trick.)
B: transistions sucked ass. They were in your face, and very very annoying.

More vids!

Haha thanks for all the comments.

To Sparky marky, they have only just sponsored me so at the moment im getting free stickers and some clothes, plus discounts off all their products. Which im happy with :D. Also as i put in my first post its some new and old clips put together because i couldnt film much yesterday.

To danni and sparky marky, yeah i slowed the seat drop down a few times basically because i was really pleased with it, it was the first time i nailed that run properly.

I wasnt going to post this video originally, it was just meant to be a mess around with windows media maker. But i decided to post it up anyways to see what you guys thought of it.

In my next video i wont use any transitions or effects, it will just be pure street :smiley: lol.
Thanks for all the comments, cya around.