My new street uni


KH street saddle
Qu-Ax seat post
Qu-Ax clamp
Qu-Ax frame
KH moment hub
KH moment cranks (137mm)
CC tire
Jimi C pedals
Nimbus Trials Rim

Let me know what you think!:slight_smile:

Looks great:)
I like the colour of the frame, and the rim looks sweet as!

Quick question…
Any reason why you have the bearing holder bolts upside down?
Of maybe i have mine upside down :thinking:

I dunno, that is just the way I do it. It doesn’t make a difference.

you have yours on upside down newb.
if you do pedal grabs and hit the bearing holder you are able to destroy the nut and bend the screw the way you have it where as the way he has it it wont

Which Qu-Ax frame is that? It wasn’t the black one was it?

… I put my bearing clamp bolt nuts on the bottom, because they are hard to get on/off when they are on top.

actually. from the factory they come the other way around. it doesnt really make a difference unless the bolts are so long you ruin the threads.

nice uni by the way. looks sick. ive never seen a brown( or is it black?) KH saddle

It’s the black one that was on the last model of the qu ax trials. I stripped it and got it painted again.

It’s black and grey. The picture isn’t very good because it’s in my room. I’m going to take a better one tomorow outside in the daylight…

Thanks for all the repleys

i like it a lot. Its very similar to mine besides i have a stock(but custom cut foam) seat, diff pedals, and a Nimbus hub, but i heard that KH and Nimbus hubs are like the same anyway. Mine custom painted too!(actually unpainted:p ) I like it!

Looks sweet, good job! Now get out there and beat it up.

but how many of the people at the factory actually ride?
cause its the riders who know what they are talking about (most of the time)
and i have smashed the flat side of the bolt where the nut on his uni is hard enough it would have bent the bolt making it impossible to get off and reuse

Thats good to know - so im not a dumb newb after all :smiley:

i have to re ask
how many factory workers ( and manon would you care to define who the “factory” is) actually ride and how many of them ride hard?
and they way it is in the picture makes more sense cause you cant destroy the bolt like it is, where as when it is on the underside you can destroy it on an agressive pedal grab.

aight… calm down dude!
I dont pedal grab so it doesnt effect me yet.
Mine are short anyways.
[closes progressive argument that was unintended and gets thread back to Matt’s uni]

Maybe all the factory workers never overshoot their pedal grabs. :wink:

There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it, either way it will hold your frame on. If you frequently mess up grinds and grabs and land on your bearing holder then flip the bolts so the nut is on top.

I don’t do grabs and grinds, but I DO often disassemble my uni for transport to a place where I can practice freestyle. So I flip them down so it’s easier to turn the bolts. Neither way is really more correct than the other though.

I love that!!! That is very awesome! Do you still have the Quax wheel?

Nice Ride!