my new site

this is my new site…its probably not even worth posting about, and its mainly just for like my fans and groupies and what not, but i thought id show you guys anyway. its not really much new there yet i just got it up…anyways yea i wont be back for like a month…cuz im filming a huge video with a bunch of hard tricks unlike before, i got a job, and im just doing a lot more cool stuff that before. anyways yall this is the site…i always wanted my own site since i first saw jess riegels site like 2 yrs ago. much love everyone.

sweet site, who’s your host?

That is a really nice site!

Into my favorites it goes!

u pay for that ?

how much did you have to pay for it and where did you get it becuse i have been wanting to build a sight for a good long time. I have also wanted mine since I saw jess’s

now i definatelywant a site of my own

Come on, don’t leave your fans and groupies waiting.

Nice. I like your motto, “UNICYCLING BECAUSE I CAN”. I actually used that once.

A girl about 14-years-old kept asking me a lot of unicycling questions with sort of an attitude. A couple days later, I saw her again and she asked me (with her attitude) why I was always riding my unicycle. I told her “Because I can”.

Your cartoons are certainly as good as some in the newspaper.

Keep up the good work.

This is my favorite cartoon:)

Cool site:)

youre a damn cool man jonny

sweet site jonny. who are u hosted by

I looked in the HTML and it’s hosted from freewebs. How much does it cost?

Free webs is Free. Ironically.

I think he’ll be paying for the domain with the space free, from Freewebs.

Nice site Jonny. I recommend digging in and learning some HTML to make your own website. Thanks for Freewebs the code isn’t even valid: (homepage)

Keep updating!

came back to see what you thought…i thought maybe no one would like it…but hey thankseveryone who liked it and said nice things…much love…be back in sept with my vid.

70 bucks a yr…which isnt bad…i got a great job as a cook now…

when you bought it could you have gottin a free one and later got a domain name for the same sight

i used to have a site which I would host through

i would then use the free to get a shorter domain.

(it was ,if anyone cares, heh.)

i havent updated it in a long time, but i wrote everything myself in html/javascript in textpad.

i made a couple of different layouts in flash for it, but i’ve had this current one up for a while now, as it is the simplest.

website design is really fun, and if anyone would like some help, IM me.

hey man… it says your sever is down… not sure i know whats up… just thought you should know…