My New Setup

just thought id share my new setup on my uni, i didnt ride for a long time bec my seat was soooooo uncomfortable so i ended up getting a velo gel saddle and man what a difference, sooooooooooo comfy, i can ride for a long time and no sore, i tilted the front of the seat up so i sit more on the back and it works perfect, i love my uni, i dont do anything crazy so this thing is the perfect uni for me, i ended up getting some cheap aluminum black bmx peddles to style it up a bit, everything on my uni is perfect now, tell me what u all thinK!

It looks very nice man. Im glad you’ve found a seat that’s comfortable for you. How did you tilt the front of the seatup. Does it have a rail or something.

Most standard and Myata style posts have slots allowing you to alter the angle a few degrees.

That seat looks more like the Nimbus Hi-Top.

IMO a flatter saddle, like the Nimbus Gel, Schwin, KH Street is better, and the KH Fusion Freeride more comfortable still.

A nice cheap uni. I’ve been thinking of getting the 26" LX.

yep im very happy with it, ya i was thinking about getting the nimbus gel but for some reason the only way for me to be comfortable is if i have some cushin between me and the seat frame, i love my new saddle, if i really hate it later down the line than ill get a slimmer one but for now its perfect, ya the lx is cheap, but its good quality cheap, in other words its not cheap its just affordable

Just me? Or do the spokes look really weird?

yeh the left side of the wheel looks like the spokes are put together completely different from the right side

They’re not. It’s just the camera angle. You can tell by looking where the spokes attach to the rim and hub.

That’s one bloody funny camera then.

Look again, the two groups of four on the left marked red converge about half way between the rim and the hub, whereas the group of four marked blue are pretty much parallel with each other.

I’m no expert when it comes to wheel building, but even with my limited knowledge I know that the pattern should be consistent around the whole wheel.

That is one strange wheel build:D

ya the spokes are messed up you should get that fixed

ahaha that’s one crazy spoke pattern right there. although it’s on an lx so probably won’t matter.

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My wheels look the same if I look at them from the right angle.

His wheel is fine, like its been said, its just the angle. People have made that comment about plenty of uni pictures.

Then you must have the same crazy spoke pattern.

Then everyone has a crazy spoke pattern!

Oh no, I’ve just looked at some photo’s of my unis and they’re the same.

Now, what would you all suggest I have on my humble pie, ice cream or custard?

Thats really odd. I’m looking at my KH right now and its not doing this. Diffrent spoke pattern maybe? I built my wheel and just copied a picture so I’m not sure what pattern style it is :stuck_out_tongue:

KH = 36 spoke
LX = 48 spoke

The uni looks cool if you’re not doing any street/trials/muni on it. The LX is a nice freestyle and learning uni though. What kind of riding do you do??

Yeah I took that into consideration but still. It looks nothing alike.

Anyway. Why dosn’t the KH have 48 spoke… Just found a massive flat spot on my rim and I’ll need a new one soon.

Kris has said that it’s overkill if the rim is maintained properly and you roll out of drops.

I think for some, like yourself may need a stronger rim. I’d replace it w/ a solid Try-All (or a '08 KH which is stronger than the '07) when you totally destroy the one you have. Or just realize if you continue to ride the same big stuff, you’ll be regularly replacing rims.