My New Seat (many pix)

So low and behold my friend Sean, a puppet maker had some extra foam around his shop that he was able to give me today. It is a firm closed cell foam that is typically used in kayaks of all places. The foam is 3/4" thick( 19mm) Heres how I did it.

  1. Begin with one airseat Take it apart and re drill holes forward to put rail adapter in a better position for seat in front grip.
  2. Take 2 peices of foam and glue them into one big peice. I used rubber cement from old patch kits that I didnt use the whole tube.

  1. Finnished larger peice. Make sure you let the rubber cement dry on both sides before putting the halfs together you get a much stronger bond this way.

  2. Trace the CF base on the foam and cut out using a sharp box cutter blade and this is what you get.

  3. So you pack up the foam into the seat cover pull it as tight as possible, add some bumpers and what do you know? You are done!

Back view shows how low profile the seat now is, usually you’ll see a roach badge here I pulled that slack out of the cover however.

The side profile shows that the Roach cover is a bit too tall to fully streach over the foam and baseplate without a bit of excess material.

I’m expecting a new seat post from Darren in a few days I’ll report on how it rides when that comes in.

Cheers for now

Hey dude how did you get so many pics in one post. Ive only been able to use img tags on pics i fing usin google, how did you get your own pics in there. I tried tagin some from my gallery but just couldnt do it…

I uploaded all the pix to my own account on the server and then used IMG tags to link the pictures to the post.

does the link have to end with .jpg img. bit.etc Do you know how to attach pics like from my gallery or like taht, cause i can only use whta i find in google, i cant attach myspace pics or my pics

First off, that foam looks like it’s really stiff. I hope I’m mistaken and the seat is comfy! :wink:

Second of all, check out imageshack. You can upload your pictures there, and then use the IMG tag in the post window to add them. It even creates the code for the boards automagically, so all you have to do is paste it into your post.

It’s a very useful service :slight_smile:

I’d say the foam is just slightly more firm than the stuff the Kris uses in his seats. This seat is going on my trials unicycle so comfort for long rides is not my concern. My original air seat that I took apart for this project was super comfy, I just hated it for trials. I’m hoping that the feel of this seat will be forgiving enough for shorter rides and firm enough to offer an nice solid grip for seat out.

As some people know I have been using Viscount saddles on my trials unicycle for the last 4 years because of their seat out feel. I’m hoping that this seat at probably a pound lighter, and at a seat angle that I can adjust is going to be what I am looking for in a trials seat.

Well I’m off to paint my frame today, wish me luck.


Your new seat looks really nice, good job.

What kind of frame? and what color?