my new seat cover

This is the first seat cover that I have made, the pattern needs a little work but it fits ok. The top is made from dark grey vinyl, the sides are white vinyl, and the front and back are black suade. I have only ridden on it for about 4 hours total so im not sure how it is going to wear. I stapled this cover in but I plan on making another one with a drawstring once I figure out the material I want to work with. I also plan on making some with other colors, these are just what I had laying around. Please add your comments, Good or bad.

Thanks , Randy

seat cover.bmp (900 KB)

another pic

here is a pic of the whole uni, torker dx, with new seat cover

seat cover 3.bmp (900 KB)

I like it, love the colors, but I think it would look better with black handle/bumper. If you ever are looking too sell I might buy.


Cool seat cover. I’m impressed with anyone who can sew well enough to make a good looking and well made seat cover. My last sewing experience was when I made a couple of air pillows for my air seats. They ended up being very functional but sewing job was very sloppy. It’s not so easy to sew curves smoothly.

And here’s a jpeg version of the photo so it will show up in the forum:

seat cover.jpg

I too, think it would look better with black handle and bumper, but this is all i have right now.

I would eventually like to sell, but only after I have had time to test, are there any suggestions for things I can do to it to test the durability?

Are the KH and DX seats similar enough where they would take the same seat cover??


here is the other one.

seat cover 3[1].jpg

thanks for putting the pics up on here, i am not sure how to do it.

It’s the same way that you posted the BMP picture, but use a JPG instead. BMP images get displayed with that download symbol while JPG images are displayed as a picture. Load the BMP in an image program and save it as a JPG, then attach it to a message.

thank you john for letting me know how to do that, I am still trying to figure all this stuff out.

Today I tried to make another seat cover with a drawstring, this proved to be more difficult then I thought, I could get the seat cover on tight but it still had a few wrinkles in it,

Do you guys have any ideas, preferences, suggestions for drawstings on seat covers??

what is good or bad about the drawstrings in seat covers that are already being manufactured??

thanks, Randy

I like it its better than i could do so you deserve the dancing spiderman

dancing spiderman.gif