My new Schlumpf

I Love this thing I got a week ago Friday, I now have about 60 miles on it and can shift to both gears with out crashing.:smiley:

02-19-07_0855 whole.jpg


02-19-07_0852 good brake.jpg


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

damn your so lucky. i hope you ride her well.

He appears to be using what’s called the evolution brake mounts, common amongst bikers it’s a system for using magura brakes with V-brake mount posts, as very few bikes have the 4 bolt magura brake mounts which us unicyclists are blessed with.

Is it a clotterles hub?

Ooh, ooh, sir, I know this sir…
Magura brakes come with mounts to attach them to normal cantilever brake mounts (same as V-brake mounts). The bottom of the clamp attaches to the canti boss and the top has an adjustable hook-shaped thing that sticks out and presses against the inside of the fork to stop it moving around. If you’ve got flexible forks (or a bendy Schlumpf unicycle frame) you can add a brake booster, which is the u-shaped thing you can see in the picture - it just attaches between the two mounting bolts and stops the forks bending apart when the brake is applied.


EDIT: OK, so I type too slowly. Evolution mounts, that’s the things!

ya it’s a cotterless hub. the new kh that’s coming out whenever is splined I believe, correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t have the knowledge to correct you :frowning:

Magura brakes generally have a lower clearance on the wheel, so will be even worse for what’s going wrong with yours.

Get someone who knows v-brakes to look at yours, maybe at BUC. Even on the original frame I had v-brakes set up just right and working fine (until the frame snapped). I did need a hand from Joe McLean to get them setup right. If you’re getting the problems you describe then something is wrong with your setup. There’s not much point spending money on maguras, as you’ll have exactly the same problems.

Fitting a brake booster might make a difference to the flexyness of the schlumpf frame though and might just make your brakes a little more efficient. You can get them for normal brakes.

When v-brakes are setup right, they work super well (about as well as Maguras), and have the advantage of being more robust than maguras. I’ve used mine enough now to be wearing down the pads pretty noticeably, and they’re still working fantastic.

Maguras stick out less though, which is an advantage, but they’re a bit of a nightmare in terms of breaking hydraulic lines, particularly if you’re doing rocky muni. They do have the advantage of being able to completely lock the wheel very well, which is great for bike trials, but doesn’t add much on a unicycle.

By the way, you should put in the time to learn to shift. It’s really worth doing. Unless you have size 5 feet and 175mm cranks or clip pedals it’s perfectly possible to do, just a matter of learning how to move your feet around on the pedals to the right place. I practice against a lamp-post, so I get the feel of kicking it.


By the way, I just took my Schlumpf on a weekend’s road/muni riding. About 80km of road riding, 50-60km of proper good muni, plus two nights bivvying. It was fab. It would have been hard to do on any other uni (perhaps a coker, but I would have walked some of the downhills).


I first run Magura’s on my bike in the mid ninty’s, when you order the magura brakes as a set they assume you have traditional brake mounts so they give you the frame adaptors with the brakes. The arch keeps the brakes alleigned with the canti brake adptors. On the schlumpf you can move the post up and down so you can get the proper placement on the rim.

As for Shifting the trick I found is slightly move your foot so your toes would be over the center of the pedal then with your heel hit the button when your foot is in the foward possion on the cranks, thats how I figured it out. Gearing down is really funky till your legs get used to it.:wink:

Yep, that’s how I shift. Take the weight off/ lift up my foot slightly so the pedal isn’t grippy, then I can move it around. Then put it as far back as I can and kick the button.

Once I got used to it shifting down turned out much easier than up.