my new roomate is a unicyclist

how cool is that huh? I’m going to college in Fairbanks, AK, and my roomate is from sweden, and just happens to unicycle.

we cruised around campus today and took some photos. thought id share

(thats me in the red)

That’s awesome! I wonder what the odds of that are…how many unicyclists do you think there are in the world?


Re: my new roomate is a unicyclist

andrew_carter wrote:
> That’s awesome! I wonder what the odds of that are…

Assuming whoever assigns students to rooms looks at a list of students’
interests and takes them into consideration when assigning roommates,
the odds may not be as low as you think.

That’s certainly the way it was done at my alma mater. Every new
student applying for campus accommodation was sent a questionnaire so
that, if they ended up with a shared room, they could be matched with
someone they were likely to get along with.

That probably doesn’t happen any more. Shared rooms were abolished
years ago, as the result (according to university legend) of a case
where a homosexual student chloroformed his heterosexual roommate and,
well, you can imagine the rest.

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

Re: Re: my new roomate is a unicyclist


well, at ISU, even though smoking isn’t allowed in the dorms, that’s about the only thing on those sheets that they pay attention to. being an atheist who’s into unicycling, juggling, other sports, drinking, viedo games and such, who was paired with a quiet, unathletic, chemestry nerd who also happened to be an evangelical christian, um, yeah, i don’t think we had anythign in commom except we’re both white, and didn’t smoke.


I’ve met 1 who could ride, he wobbeled a bit, but he could ride. (on my uni), and about a year ago i saw a person on a uni.

That’s about my contact with other riders are, wondering if i should set up some posters or something, just to find someone. :smiley:

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I see you are at it sans frame/seat again.
Question: what is your range on the “ultimate wheel”

Can you do 5 miles? 10?
What is the farthest you have gone?

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Gottcha beat on this one!

I work two jobs. Both bosses unicycle AND my son is outside right now trying too learn.:slight_smile:

Nice mittens your buddy’s got. They look just like the ones I had when i was 6:D Though it’s very cool you found a unicyclist. At my school i know 3 unicyclists. 1 is a agressive biker that does recreation uni. Another got one for Christmas and does MUni. Another was the one i told you guys i while back about that broke his arm but he’s serious about it so that’s cool. I’m probably going to have him get a 20" and teach him some street.

Are you making fun of mittens? Mittens are awesome. They’re warmer, and more awesome. Glittens are the best though.

Hey Kris,

I like that you can ride in snow boots.

Looks like you are a “chip”, I mean “peck” off the old block.

No disrespect to George. In fact, I have utmost respect for him. Hope I’m still riding in 20 years.

I met both of you at California MUni Weekend in 1998.

I was the guy with the giraffe.

Take care.

I know two unicyclists living in Gällivare, thats prettu close to you.
I think :roll_eyes: