My new practice rail with pics.

Yes thats right…today being so bored I decided to build something. I looked around and decided that i wanted to build a practice rail. The instructions Andrew Carter gave were excellent. I didn’t go by them exactlly but the pics were great. The total cost was around 12 bucks. Pretty cheap i believe. Its about 24 foot long and about 1 foot high.

Also my new Onza Trials unicycle from the price cut of UDC.

Id like to thank my parents, Andrew Carter, and the local lumber company.


P.S. Not good pics cause they were taking with a camcorder.

rail riding pics 1.jpg


rail riding pics 4.jpg

rail riding pics 2.jpg

rail riding pics 3.jpg

Looks great. Makes me wish I didn’t send most of my trials obstacles to the dump. :frowning: I’m actually going to have a friend make me some adjustable steel obstacles one day.