my new pimped out uni

check this out,

thats so pimp

I agree, wait a minute, there’s nothing there.

That is pimp foo, I have never seen such a pimpin invisible unicycle before.

I’d say John Foss’s invisible unicycle is pimper. pimper… hmm.

haha, woops

i didnt mean to post it

heres the link now

That is pretty swick, but what kind of frame is that? it loks kinda heavy, but still dope as heck.

ahh, that’s even pimper(?) than an invisible uni!! I like the Reeder handle, it’s green… hey, did I ever tell you the story about when I met Reeder himself? Yeah, he goes to the University of Idaho, where I like to ride.
( :

I’m guessing it’s a SH frame? If so, then it’s made of aluminum and pretty light. I remember back to a time that I was only the cost of shipping away from having my very own SH frame and custom made SH hub.


thats steves frame i won in Moab, i was so lucky and everyone else was choked MAUhHAH, I finally have a chance to use it. And yeah its so light. Alluminum frame.

gunna paint it dark purple and get some lime green pedals


That’s awesome. What method are you planning on using to paint it? Be sure to post more pics after it’s been painted.

BTW: What size wheel and cranks are on it?

the wheel is 24", not sure about the cranks, but i think i got the longest ones. 175’s?


That´s the P in pimp. But what kind of riding do you use it for?

a viscount seat on a kris holm seat-post?

isn’t that like illegal, immoral or fattening?

no viscounts rock they never break since the frame for it is metal and not plastic

If memory serves, Chex has broken one. I’d like the see the fall that did that seat in. But, on the whole, the Viscount is much stronger then the KH and Miyata. What method did you use to attach the Reeder?

While the strength of the Viscount is all well and good, wouldn’t it be much better to not break your nuts?

Wow, what do you plan on using this uni for? 170s on a slick tire seems a bit excessive, unless you are planning on doing some urban MUni.

IM using it as my street uni for now, then when i want to ride Muni im throwin on the Gazz.


the reason i have the KH seat post and the V-count seat is cause the original seat post that came with the SH frame was a rail adapter seat post. And i hate those things. Plus i love the viscount and reeder mix.