My new order (just got off the phone)

1.KH seat (red ) just to see what all the hype is.

2.Kinport rail adapter (just say no to steel seat posts)

3.Arrow Racing Wide Bite 3.0 Tire (i figured i’d be the guinea pig since nobody knows squat about this tyre and that red sidewall is so sexy)

You must have a red frame to go with all of that. I can probably guess what frame that is. :slight_smile:

In the Evening Magazine video in my gallery
someone on a black DM Vortex is bouncing around on the trials course and on the car with what looks like the Arrow tire. It’s hard to see exactly what tire he’s using. It could also be the Kujo tire. I don’t know who that is because I can only see their lower legs and their backside in the video. But there aren’t very many people with a black DM Vortex so that will narrow the search for the owner down considerably.

did i give it away? or have loose lips been sinking my ships?

as far as i know i havent dropped the name of the new frame yet.ive been waiting for a photo shoot because its no fun to talk about your new uni with-out pic’s.

You didn’t give it away except for all that red. I’m just taking a guess. I’ll wait for the pics and see if I was right. I can picture the uni in my mind right now, it’s going to be good if it’s what I think it is.

jagur, you should open a tyre shop,
how many 24" tyres have you bought to date?