My new Onza Trials

Yesterday I finally received my new Onza Trials Uni! I put it together as fast as I could, then took it out for a ride and to show some of my friends. I tell ya, it is one sexy ride. The colors are great, and I love the saddle as well as the design on the fork. The pedals have some incredibly long pegs, which make me a little nervous, but I’ll manage.

Its got the new KH/Onza Hub, so it’ll be nice and strong for me. Now all I gotta do is get used to riding a 20" instead of a 24".


Never done this before, so I hope it works.

This is a pic of my new uni.

Sorry about the quality on this one. I was late for work, you see.

Edit: This is my 5th edit of this post. I think I got it this time.

try again?

Finally got those pictures working. :slight_smile: Hope you like 'em.

Wicked cool! Have fun :slight_smile:

Sweet! Makes me want one! What kind of pedals are they?

I love my onza but be carful not to make the seat post clamp bolts to tight cuz they will strip out the holes

Onza platform BMX pedals

My GF said it’s gonna be my x-mas gift… Too long to wait though :wink:

that is one sexy uni, makes me want a trials…


This can be avoided by taking out both seat clamp bolts, greasing them with bicycle grease, and reinserting them. Seat clamp bolts often are not greased by the manufacturers, and are inclined to strip if left dry and tightened hard. The same applies to all other seat clamps which use bolts.

Ah, i wish mine still looked as sweet as that. Be careful with those pedals. This is what happened to me with those pedals

I swear it sparkles!!!

If they have the same hub and cranks, and seat whats the difference between the onza and a KH? is the onza frame heavier?


Thats the upgraded version of the Uni I bought 10 or so months ago. You probably won’t have a problem with it, I’ve dropped mine a good 4ft and still not a single problem. Mine creaks a bit but thats the bearings in my gusset grind pedals, not the uni itself.

The only bad point is I know pretty soon my saddles going to start going soon, so I wish there was somewhere I could get a replacement onza velo saddle, the colour scheme & logo are too good to lose!


Those pedals are nasty. I’ve taken mine off my onza and put them on my coker as I don’t tend to get bitten whlst cokering. If I were you I’d file down the spikes or put some new ones in.

Have you got the new model with the KH/Onza hub? I got the old version and the hub has been causing me trouble since I had it. I’ve done the loc-tite fix a couple of times but that’s only a temporary measure and has never fully fixed the slip problem.

Enjoy your new ride.

Did yoopers give it too you?

Yes, it does have the KH/Onza hub. I made sure to check on that before I actually bought the uni.

Yeah. The saddle is one of my favorite things about the uni. Its a whole lot cooler than I was expecting it to be, actually.

Oh, I will. I’ve already gotten a small taste of what they can do, but I decided that I should always wear shin guards while riding, just in case. I might file them down, like MrBoogiejuice suggested. I don’t think its necessary to have such long pegs.

If I heard right, that’s exactly the difference. The KH frame is aluminum and weighs a little bit less. That’s the only major difference, as far as I know.

Yoopers doesn’t know it yet, but yes, he did give it to me. So, Yoopers. If you find $420 dollars missing from your bank account, don’t worry, that was just the cost of the uni you donated to me.You remember me, don’t you?

Could anyone enlighten me on how much this bad boy weighs cuase i couldnt find the weight on UCD, and im strongly thinking about gettin one…


it weighs 6kg (13.2 pounds) according to udc
350g 12oz more than the new Kris Holm trials