My New Nimbus 29er!

It’s here and it’s better than I expected! I can go really fast, and I freemounted second try. I went about 2 miles on the first ride (after the old ride “down the driveway” test ride). I see what you mean, Cathy, this IS a great hobby and sport!!! :smiley: Now to find a good bike trail to explore… :slight_smile:

Thats cool, i think kh seats look alot better with handles, it looks all short and stubby. :sunglasses:

Hoo-wee thats pretty flashy.

You rode in your socks?

Yea, same here. I think I’m going to put the 29er seat on my freestyle (it would match the red tire!) and put the handled KH seat from my freestyle on “Bubba,” the 29er! :sunglasses:

Oh, and I just did about 5 miles around my neighborhood! It’s a LOT easier on the 29er than my bike (a 700c roadbike) for some reason. It may just be because it’s more fun! :slight_smile:

You could just get another handle, im sure there are alot of people with extras that they might give/sell you.

Ouch, that would hurt on those pinned pedals!!! :astonished: Nope, just sockin’ it to take the picture… :sunglasses:

Yea, I’ll ask around at the next unicycle meet I go to.

W00t, this is my 1,800th post!

It looks awesome! I was going to ask you to post a picture today if you didn’t. This is making me wonder if instead of upgrading to a splined muni that I should get a 29er for riding around.

So Unityler, are you going to graduate to a Coker in few years? :slight_smile:

Here’s a GALLERY of it…

For yous lazy peoples who’s fingers are so tired they can’t click the gallery link:

Tyler, you crafty schmuck…


Jeez, the thing is bigger than you are.

I know, that makes me glad I didn’t get a Coker! :astonished:

Mmmkay, I didn’t really catch that one…

I thought it was a coker from the picture.

Wow why doesn’t that wheel liek 29"s? I like the big apple, I think thats the tire atleast.

I’m going to ride to my grandma’s house here in about 30 minutes to help her with something and my dad’s going to drive next to me and clock my speed. Any guesses on how fast I’ll go? I’ll guess around 20 or 30… :roll_eyes: :wink:

Is that what you meant? /\ /\ /\

Whew, I just rode it to my grandma’s house again (at 8:20 pm in the pitch back with my dad in a “support Jetta”) which is about 2 miles round trip. We went to fix something, so you don’t think I’m some kind of 29er addict, but it was FUN! He clocked a top speed of 16 MPH going down a SLIGHT hill, and about 11 or 12 uphill. I was really going! My legs were going so super fast that I was burning hot when we got home in 45 degree weather; and my unicycle frame was frosted over… :sunglasses:

I think you have convinced into getting the nimbus 29er, although I think I might see if I can upgrade to the KH gel saddle when I order.