My new MUni

After asking all the newbie questions, reading hundreds of posts, here’s the Muni that I wanted to build. I appreciate all the help and information that has provided.

I laced and trued the wheel (my first time). I cut and brazed the frame tubes. My friend with a Bridgeport machined the shaft collars. A Rustoleum paint job and she’s good to go!

KH Fusion Freeride saddle
KH alloy 26.2 seat post
Bedford triple bolt seat clamp
Home brazed unified triangle frame 4130 CrMo with a spiffy cobalt metal flake paint job!
KH Moment ISIS hub
KH 165mm crank arms
Machined McMaster Carr shaft collars enlarged to 22mm
DT Swiss Champion 14 gauge X 262mm spokes
Alex DX 32 double walled rim
Duro Wildlife 26"X3" MUni tire
Plastic El Cheapo learner pedals

It’s a blast to ride!


sweet. i like the frame. looks kinda weird but still really cool. another muni rider ditches the rail type adaptor.:smiley:

It’s neat to see homemade frames.

wow, that thing is smokin’ :smiley: I like custom frames. All it needs is new pedals, plastic pedals are bad for MUni. (Mud + Plastic = lubed pedals) Have fun and get it MUDDY :smiley:

that is awesome, I take it you based the frame off the hunter design?

the only thing i dont understand is why you didnt get the new kh drilled rim, but oh well.

Im jealous.

Dammmmmmmmm!!! that is one… sexy… tree! lol

nice job on the uni. i hope you enjoy it

my dad wanted to make a custom frame and we have the tubing and brazing rods but he kinda lost interest in the whole thing…
was it hard to braze together?
you gonna give us a review on how well the frame holds together?
Whats the weight of the frame and of the whole muni?

That’s awesome.
I often thought about trying to make my own frame.

Hey! That’s not a muni! Where’s the mud? :smiley:

Seriously, though, it looks really good. Have you got any more photos? Particularly the crown area?


bottom left

you should go into the unicycle frame business, that looks really good. hope you have fun with it.


I’m pretty sure the drilled rim is only avail. in 19" and 24".

I would have gone for the older KH (still 42 mm wide and rebranded as a Nimbus) or Surly Large Marge (65) rims. It would’ve absorbed bumps and drops better.