My New MUni!

After 3 months, I finally have finished myunicycle!
As some may recall, I won the grand prize (mostly for luck, not skill) at the Moab MUniFest; a custom-built stainless steel Steve Howard Frame. It made me so excited to build my own MUni (I have been riding a POSchwinn for everything from freestyle to MUni), but being a poor college student, I lacked the funds. Until recently…
It ended up being much cheaper than I was fearing. First, I got the frame and hub for free. Then, as a graduation present, one of my friends gave me the KH seat. Because of that, I felt I could splurge on the black spokes.
I named my MUni the SHAKH NAS (Steve Howard and Kris Holm, Not A Schwinn) after the frame’s creator and the design he copied, and it’s definitely not a Schwinn!
Anyways, I should probably stop talking and show you a picture instead. Here’s a picture.

Sorry. Here’s the picture.

my muni.jpg

this is a beautiful unicycle! you built it? i’m new at everything—and my unicycle looks like a kid’s toy compared to this.

oops, never mind

Do you have sketches of the unicycle ?
if you have, send em to please :slight_smile: