My new MUni and new handle, photo's

I’ve just put some photo’s up of my new MUni and prototype handle.

I haven’t had time to paint the handle yet but what a difference it makes. I went out twice without it and now it’s fitted I can do hills (up and down) that I couldn’t do without the handle. I made my prototype 2 handle out of an old seat tube, it’s a bit heavier that prototype 1, which was made from aluminium alloy, but it’s stronger.

I changed the angle of No.2 a bit too much so I think No.3 is on the way if I have time, which is unlikely as I’m spending all my free time riding :slight_smile:

I think I’m officially addicted to MUni now, has anyone else had that feeling?



Thanks for the nice photos. It looks like your handle attaches to the seat plate on the Viscount rather than the front bumper. Did you extend the stud length?

The blue seat and blue rim combination are outstanding.

yeah man, I am diggin on that blue rim.

Work the maze.

Harper writes:

It does attach to the seat plate and a nut/bolt through the bumper hole (I always replace the Viscount screws anyway) and I didn’t need to extend the stud length, there was enough thread available. When I made the first one from aluminium I had to use two different gauges of tube, as the larger gauge piece would have been too thick when squashed at the seat plate end. This made it weak so I turned to good old steel for No.2.

It is nice isn’t it. I nearly went for red as my son has a blue 20” Nimbus II with a 2.25” Maxis Maxx Daddy, but I prefer the blue rim so we match when we go for a ride together :slight_smile: which is more often now.