My New Movie!

Hey all,

Heres a short video that i made this week around my house ant my school with , filmed with my new camera. It’s mainly flatland and street. Tell me what you think of it!

It goes for about 2 minutes and is about 5mb big.

man, that’s awesome!,
you’re gotten heaps better since last time i saw you, hopw you come to the uni meet, i wanna see you do it in person :wink: :smiley:

keep it wheel,

DAMN! that was amazing stuff! your unispins up and down stuff are getting really good! crankflips and standup ww were great too! why cant we all progress as fast as you??

for those of you who dont know, luke has only been riding for like 9 months! that is amazing! if you keep going this way for another few years you will leave everyone else in the dust!

keep it up man!

i wish i could come for i ride this weekend!

Dude you are so damn good, I hope i can do that stuff after 9 months. The whole vid was great, thats a keeper!


[edit] one thing, and I know you said ‘It’s mainly flatland and street’ in your post, but i would love to see you doing some jumps. Like urban trials, clearing sets and so on [edit]

hehehe, yeah luke and max are street riders and im the trials rider :stuck_out_tongue:

they dont do much trials… they concentrate more on street, and i am starting to get myself more into street !!

Crazy vid luke, keep up the goodwork, and stop practicing like 21 hours a day ahahahaha

Hey guys, thanks for all your comments! And swarbrim, I usually do lots of stair sets and stuff but the one time i left my house to film, i ran out of batteries before i got to any sets.

No worrys it was an awsome vid, i just wanna see your hop’s is all.


dat was some good stuff m8 especially if you’ve only been riding 9 months-fairplay, ive gotta nail crankflips soon

I agree with what everyone else said. You could really be good if you keep it up. I liked that back seat drop and the wrap.

luke for president!!

that was cool. im always a fan of a 360 unispin, i liked the standup ww, and that picnic table grind was cool. good all around ‘mate’

way sweet. I wish i could land a crankflip. I like the foot plant tricks alot

cool stuff man… keep it up

we gonna be seeing you at the street weekend?

that was simply dreadful.
wait, no, sorry, I’m watching American Idol…
that was actually really really good!!
I liked the rolling 180 unispin on to the porch, and that one footplant where you swung your leg in front of the seat…that was awesome!!

I couldn’t get the video to work.

Thanks guys! I really didn’t expect such a good reponse. Alex I’m not sure if i can get to the street weekend because of school, but I’ll try!


HOLY CRAP MAN!!! :astonished:

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Man luke that was awesome stuff:D keep it up nd make more vids so we can see ur progress. oh yeh im eds friend chris’s:D :sunglasses:

awesome vid men

i finnally got it to work. sweet video man