my new movie

hey heres part of a movie im putting togther. Um just tell me what to add to it and how u like it. enjoy

i liked your first bail…anyways it was pretty good but i assume that adding music is pretty high on your to do list right? try to cut down your little hops after that your lookin good i can see nothin else wrong.

Definately need music. It was cool though, that was ALOT of 180 unispins :slight_smile:

yea thatwas straight. that was the most 180s back to back ive ever seen! i liekd the 5 pallet hop too. good job on it man. ever tried for a 360 unispin, i think you could.

yes i can land 360 unispins too im going to put that in it i was hopeing to learn crank flips but i just couldnt get it.

i need to get some pallets and see how many i can jump at once!!!

6 from what ive seen you could probly do 5 or 6 witha prehop.