My New Movie!!!!! Loook!!!

LOOK!!! check it out tell me what you think, i think it is pritty good. LOOK!!!

dling now!

good stuff.your getting better. y dont you let yoru buddie use your trials for the trialsy stuff he does…or better yet y doesnt he egt one of his own.

Cuz he likes his uni and seat, and is used to how it works, he isnt used to my size cranks and stuff.

o well…to each his own.

You did my trick!

i noticed that too. what did we end up naming that trick anyways??

The Igor


hehe, thats my name ( :
wait, no…not MY name…but I came up with it ( :
anyway, I will watch the movie, after I’m done watching the one I’m watching right now.

What trick is the The Igor?? i never knew… lol

Those sped up parts gave me a headache. Otherwise it was pretty good.

You are definitely improving! Good job, also, I am so glad to see no thumbs up or finger points at the camera, I know it must have been hard to resist but you did well :slight_smile:

i can uni

Agreed about the sped up parts.

Good stuff, though.

Re: My New Movie!!! Loook!!!

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006 18:48:18 -0500, trials_uni wrote:

>dling now!

trials_uni, I’m so glad that you always let us know that. Whenever
there is a new video announced I’m always like “would trials-uni
already be dling it?” So yeah please continue doing that :-p

yeah those “i’m downloading” posts are annoying.

edit: irvinegr, i’m downloading now

edit2: almost done downloading… i’ll let you know what i think in a minute

edit3: watching now!

edit4: almost done watching!

edit5: thinking now!

edit6: almost done thinking

edit7: yes! excellent movie!

i think they’re adorable little ‘dlings’ ! let trials keep 'em if he wants them!

:stuck_out_tongue: SAVE THE DLING! RIGHTS FOR WRITINGS, NOT JUST HUMANS AND ANIMALS!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

oh and nice vid btw- i really liked it although i do sustain the opinion that something is a bit off about the speeded up bits


oh well if you guys dont like it i’ll stop…but maybe i wont…ill think about it.