My new Kris Holm Moment Cranks.

Today I got my Kris Holm Moment ISIS Splined cranks from Darren Bedford. They fit perfect on my Quax Red ISIS Hub. I really like my new cranks. Here are some pictures.





What do you think of my uni?


Anyone have something to say?

looks pretty good on the red hub

yeah it looks pretty fancy now!

is that a qu-ax frame? and if so, how much does that whole uni weigh. i want to lighten up my qu-ax.

It weighs about about 11 lbs. and yes thats a Qu-ax frame.

thats pretty cool:)

Why the new cranks? Were the originals bending/breaking?

Qu-Ax Cross: 5.6 kg. = 12.32 lbs. The moment cranks will make it stronger, but heavier.

Well i have a Kris Holm saddle and snafu pedals and on the bathroom scale its 11 lbs but im not sure to be the exact weight?

that cant be right.

snafus are really heavy.

oooopps… sorry i left out a very important detail… that looks SWEET:D . and thanks for the weight.

Well when its on the bathroom scale its about 11-12 lbs. So I dont know…It feels like the same weight as my buddys 07 KH if you pic it up by the seat but if you pick them up by the frames, his feels lighter.

Hehe Thanks. I like it alot so far much easier to land unispins. :slight_smile:

if measuring on bathroom scale, weigh yourself then yourself + uni then substract ur weight. Thats much more accurate way of doing it as bathroom scales are made for large weiughts.

I know thats what I did…I did it again this morning and weighs like 11.5 lbs.

looks good, the hub looks pretty solid in the pic, hows it holding for you?

I wonder this as well, is that hub strong enough to mandate the KH moments?

11 pounds.

Not trying to sound aggressive here (we have maestro8 for that lovely task), but 11lbs is 5kg.

A stock KH is 5.6KG, a little over 12lbs.

Can someone explain why this is lighter than the KH?

lol the cranks out living the hub

exactly :smiley: