My new KH trials just arrived! (pic)

Spit. Spit, rub, credit card to pry off. =p

If anything, dont worry about it, and just ride it.

i wouldnt use acetone.
you could burn your balls off on your next ride.

HAha! I did use it and all it succeeded in doing was eating through the thread seams! :astonished:

Looks good, Terry. Mine arrived this morning from Darren at Bedford, no problems with the seat though. :wink:

Weird trying to ride this after learning on a 24 and riding a 29 for the last 2 weeks. Hopping is a lot easier than on the 24, but maybe I’m just getting a little better.

So what are you bringing to Moab? Since I’m flying in, I’m only bringing the KH24 with me.

Good luck with the seat cover. I think it will wear off in no time.

I want one.:frowning: I cant wait till the new shipment comes in.

p.s. Good luck on the seat. Try Goo Gone that stuff is amasing.

I got most of the residue off, but it’s kinda funky looking now, but will serve well. I’m bringing my KH 24" Muni, and just clothes and supplies. I plan on getting there on Monday so I can have the whole week to sightsee and ride around and get a feel for the trail(s).:smiley: If anyone else will be there early too let me know so maybe we can ride!

You could try an SOS pad or something like that, or maby one of those tough scrub brushes for washing dishes

Its worth a try

I eneded up using good ol’ sandpaper! Little by little it took it all off, but the acetone (used earlier) dissolved the seams on one side! :astonished: I don’t know what “seems” to be keeping it together but it still holding up…so far, with the cover back on the saddle.

you might want to to tell whoever you got it from, you may even get a new fusion cover out of it

Try naptha it is sold as laquer thinner and also comes as a product called Energine but its cheaper in the paint department.

I use it to get tar and bubble gum out of carpet. It doesn’t harm the carpet fiber and it works great. On gum that has been ground into carpet and walked on for months all you have to do is pour a little bit on the gum. Wait a minute then pick at it with a screwdriver and it comes right up without a trace.

use rubber gloves and try not to breath the fumes it is realy bad for your kidneys.

Thats good that you got it off

Something like that would really wreck the appearence of such a good looking uni:D

try wd-40

You could reinforce the stitching, maybee with some nylon thread.

Put some duct tape over it, that will solve the problem for about a week;)

Well I already sent an email to the seller (a salvage and freight recovery company) in the hopes that they will either replace it, or reimburse the replacement cost, which I believe is $19 via UDC. But they (UDC) don’t seem to carry the same fusion cover specifically for the '07 trials, which is definitley not the same cover as the one for the MUni.

Also the '07 trials cover has the KH logo on the top back of the cover, not on the knit part on the back side, but embossed into the vinyl. But I’m pretty sure that the standard fusion cover would still fit, though I may be wring aboot that! :roll_eyes:

They might still have them though even though they have the generic cover on the site. I am pretty sure Darren has them too.

i received my kh today !