My new KH trials just arrived! (pic)

Pretty cool! Ups just delivered my brand-spankin’ new KH Trials just moments ago and I was SHOCKED, shocked at the super-size box it was shipped in!!!

The uni was packed with everything on, including the seat at its highest possible position! It was sandwiched between super thick foam, some of which became “fused” to the fusion seat cover…good name for it haha!

Brand new and perfect condition! Cost: $365. That’s almost $140 less than UDC. :slight_smile: Too bad I probably won’t ride it that much since I ride my MUni almost exclusively.

wow thats quite funny :smiley: well lucky you thats a great uni for a great price…

mayeb u’ll ride it more than ur muni cause its so good :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody know the best way to remove foam from a fusion saddle?? There was some packing foam apparently partially glued to the saddle and now I can’t get the remaining “residue” off , which is what what left when the main part of the foam was removed.

It can’t be “peeled” off because all that’s remaining is mostly the adhesive part with only the thinnest coating of foam particles on top of that. I tried paint thinner, acetone (I was worried about trying that) and soaking it with a hot, wet rag; no luck. Doesn’t seem to want to come off.

I suspect that by simply riding it for a good week or two it will come off from friction, but I’d like to get it off now so if anyone has suggestions I’d appreciate it!:smiley:


try “goof off” or “goo b gone”…they’re great adhesive removers you can get at any hardware store.

what was the trials uni you had befor? (gitar uni ;))

Why don’t you contact the people you bought it from and ask them to fix it or send you a replacement saddle. They will probably be glad to be warned about the saddles getting marked by the packaging foam before they send more unicycles out and get loads of complaints (unless you didn’t buy it new then ignore what I just said)


That stuff has preformed very well for me, just time consuming to scrub large areas of adhesive off of somthing…

But the new KH looks very nice, congrats on the nice price :slight_smile:

Where did you get it from? And as it’s not UDC, how come it has a UDC sticker on the inside of the fork?

Acetone will work.

Hes probs got it from one of those sites that buy stock from udc and sell it on

He got it off of Ebay. Someone listed two of them recently

Goof off is the shizzle.

try rubbing alchohol

just use acetone/aclcohol.

and yeah contact the guy, u never know might get a free saddle. i bought 2 SCSI hard drives the other day and one didnt work, so the guy sent me a new one, no questions asked nothing… should have said both didnt work lol

Tried that, oops, goo be gone, rubbing alcohol, acetone…NONE worked even a little bit! That stuff is ON! So I removed the cover and now it’s soakinginhot sudsy water.

Did you put the acetone on a rag then onto the saddle? you should pour the acetone directly onto the cover. Dont be afraid to use a lot, its cheap.

I put it on the rag first then rubbed. I was afraid I would damage the cover (vinyl) if I poured it directly on the cover. Even if applied with a rag…and I pretty much soaked the rag with it…it should have at least removed some of the residue, but it didn’t remove even the smallest amount. That’s some amazingly nasty s#@t on there! :astonished:

Try a Citrus Solvent. They use it to remove adhesive and wax(I use it on skis). Also, would like the seat smelling lemony fresh instead of like ass!! Be careful with acetone, could wreck the cover.

I wouldn’t recommend pouring acetone directly onto anything. If pure acetone isn’t breaking it down you’re probably going to just have to ride it off =( I put down some wood flooring yesterday and didn’t wear gloves…I can’t get the glue off my hands, even after goof off, 100% acetone, mineral spirits. My poor hands! =(

Yep, tried that too, no effect whatsoever. Hey did you see the vid from Devil’s slide with me & John?