MY NEW KH FREERIDE!! New rider analysis

Okay, I sat at home all day today, waiting for my KH 24" unicycle, it finnaly showed up around 5pm, I quickly met the UPS guy at the front door, and took it in to assemble, about ten minutes latter I just got done shaving down my seatpost, and had it on the street infront of my house, the wheel was wider then I had ever expected it to be additionaly, ridding on grass feels just as smooth as ridding on cemet, and infact I feel like i Have more control at low, and high speeds alike on grass/dirt, like I’m more comfturble at where the wheel is at.

Well after my little test run on the pavment I put some air in my tire, and rode a good four or five blocks at a brisk pace, to the park, on my way to the park I noticed turning was a bit more difficult, atleast on pavement, latter, that evening after dusk, I adjusted the seat so I sat more on the back of it, and now turning even on pavement is a breez, never knew a seat adjustmeant could make such a big diffrence.

Anyhow, at the park I had a blast going down some very steep fun hills, and alot of great upd’s, one I even flew into a tree, I love the feeling of upd’ing, into a run down a hill and not being able to stop moving, its like your falling horizontaly ^^.

I had so much fun, and finnaly had to stop when I could barely see the trails any more, and my lungs were on fire. I then went home, and whatched the Into the thunderdragon DVD I had gotten additionaly, and then adjusted my seat, after feeling like I was sitting on to much of the skinny part, and was uncomfturble, and much to my suprise as previously noted, it GREATLY incresed my turning ability.

I’d just like to say my KH unicycle was 100x what I expected, I had expected a burly tire, and more durability, but the thing just looks like a beast, and best of all is it weights almost exaclty the same as my 20" DX. Only downfalls would be that I can’t hop near as high, its not anything to do with the hardware of the unicycle, its just i’m not near used to it, it still feels unweildy when jumping, and all of my hopping experience has been on a 20" DX with 127mm cranks the huge 24x3" wheel and 150mm cranks are a bit of a change. I’m also really glad I got the 150’s, I knew before I got it I liked ridding downhill more then anything, and I feel like I got plenty of torque on the 150’s, and additionaly, I think anything longer I’d feel like my feet were being thrown from the pedals on my speedy downhills I enjoy so much.

I’d just like to give a HUGE thank you to Kris (danger_uni) on the excelent unicycle!

keep practicing, Falls City is even closer to you than me.

im currently without a frame, so i cant ride though :frowning:

I’ve never actually been to falls city, but looks like a great place to ride, i’ve also been considering a few other places near the coast. I’m already getting very comfturble with my 24", its only been one day, and i’ve had alot of fun going down some crazy hills, I can’t wait to continue practicing, and get better.

I’m actually short a car right now, but I got 5k left to buy a new one from my settlement, and I should have one by the end of next week, let me know when you get a frame! I’m really looking forward to meeting another unicyclist, i’m still the only I know, discluding my little brother, who is still learning.

Speaking of which, I was really glad to see how exited he was to see my new uni, we took it across the street and rode around for a bit, after he got home late this evening, I hope I spark some interest in the sport in him. I need a ridding buddy ^^