My new KH 24 from Bedford Unicycles

I picked up my new KH 24 last week from Darren. I haven’t had a chance to really test it out but I have ridden it. Here are a few shots of it for those voyeurs in the community.

omg how exciting!! it can’t be long now till i get mine. i sould have ordered from darren instead of… hehe


p.s. is that a duro leopard tire or a gazz?

It’s too clean. :smiley:

Get it dirty then take some pictures and add them to the gallery.


I’d love to get hold of one of those brake extension rigs. When the terrain gets grim it’s a task to even use the straight lever.

Any addresses per that extention?


Wow, that is nothing less than beautiful. I also have mine preordered at so im hoping to get it within a couple weeks. Thanks for posting the pics! now lemme clean this drool of my keyboard…

That looks great, I like the seat and seat post. Can anybody (Kris Holm?) give us a run down on what’s new and what’s the same as the old model about it? Does it weigh less than last years model?


Whoa, is that a specialized lever on the master cyclinder Darren??? That is a sweet mod, tell me about it…

The tire is a Duro Leopard. I am going to put my Gazz on as soon as I get a chance. I thought I would give the Duro a chance first. It has a nice pinch flat resistant “rim” around the rim area of the tire. I think the Gazz has more air volume though and that is more important to me. I also noticed that when I got stuck on a stair in a lame attempt to hop up them I started to rotate alot. Now in fareness to the Duro, I not actually in the same situation with the Gazz but I still wondered if it was because the Gazz has a more flat profile and the Duro a rounder one.

I have not seen one of the original KH 24’s in person but from the pictures I noticed the following: The seat clamp is different, there are no stickers, Kris Holm and KH 24 are etched on the frame and on the hub, the seat post is alluminum ( I am not sure but I think the old one was CrMo). That is all that I can make out from the photos that I have seen.

I did manage to get it dirty, but no pics yet.

The extension. I thought some of you might like that. It is not finalized yet. I am just testing it out. I am making sure that it meets the stringent requirments of Bedford Unicycles. I has to undergo months and months of testing. Including but not limited to: high altitude, high G force, under water, high temperature, high shock, torsion, vibration, …well you get the idea. But seriosly, it requires modification of the existing lever in the form of two small holes. I cut the end off my lever but this is not absolutely neccessary. It just looks neater. It can be made in both left and right hand or he is working on a unisex extension that allows for both hands if anyone prefers.
It may take a little while for him to get it to market as these things as simple as it may seem do take time. But I will let him know that there is interest so that he knows to persue it.

Cheers, Wayne.

A couple observations of items that I like over my KH24… the new rail adapter because it appears to have shorter brake mounting tube and provide more saddle angle than the KH rail adapter. Also, the stainless/braided HS33 brake cable and your bolted extension lever give the uni a lot cleaner look than my standard bolted lever extender- cudos to Bedford for the design mods.

Overall a very nice looking Uni. I’m sure you’ll have much fun breaking it in!


Is there a new trials KH? I’d possibly be interested in buying a trials uni if it had that seat/seatpost system on it.


Thanks for posting the pictures and the new brake lever extention.


I have lots of new KH20 trials unicycles that
I can set up with that alloy rail post and rail adapter.

Just 640.00 CDN or 470.00 US plus shipping.

In stock ready to ship !


Cool, that is actually a pretty damn good price too! I’m not quite sure what would happen to those figures by the time the KH20 made it into NZ (GST + freight = megabucks)… so I guess I’ll have to resign myself to moving to Canada! Haha, na I’ll wait for

Pete, what’s wrong with Canada eh?

Hey, for all you guys out their waiting for your KH24s to come to, I think they just got them in. The site hasnt been updated, but Ive had my order on file with them for 3 months, and i woke up this morning to find they had charged my credit card and processed my order. Looks like the long wait is over!

this is the happiest day of my life.


Did your order also get processed Grant? The site still says out of stock, but they must be shipping them out real soon if they have already charged my card…

how do i check if the order got processed?



thank god i ordered my parts last week…HERE COMES THE FLOOD!