My new hop record

A little while back i said i could hop 10 inches at the most, well i didnt know how much 10 inches was :(. But tonite i set up some card board boxes to 7 inches and i managed to hop on it (YYAAYY), i know it dont seem like much, but it its pretty good for me :smiley:

Cheers:D :smiley:
Keep it up!

Congratulations! I just got my new KH trials uni (FFIINNAALLLLYY!!!), but unfortunately my bike pump is dead, so I need to wait until my friend comes back home so I can go use his. But I’m hoping to be able to hop higher on this one than I could before as well.
BTW, what should I set the PSI at? I’ve heard that 20 works, but I’m also going to use this for MUni, so what should I go for?

I don’t think there’s a set number. It’s more based on your weight and the type of riding you are doing. So the answer is – enough PSI so the tire doesn’t squish completely flat against the rim. I add air, then stand next to the uni and put the wrong foot on a pedal, so I can put my full weight on it but still see the tire easily. Then I bounce a little to see how much the tire compresses (squishes).

For street/freestyle where you want a hard tire, crank it up to the maximum. But if you need the tire to compress (MUni/TUni)*, the compression is based on rider and riding style.

Dave (uni57)

  • = Sofa made me say it!

Yeah, I’m going to use it mostly for MUni and trials, or “TUni” as you call it. I suppose I’ll try it at 30 and see what works from there.

I would start with 20 if you’re younger, i think mine’s on 15 or less and i can jump 2 or 3 feet w/o bottoming out, but i only weigh 105 LBS. but i think 30 would be way too hard.

cheers glopal! i have trouble hopping myself and it’s a great feeling when you advance in some area.

james, here’s my advice:

try jumping from side to side with your uni, like about two and a half/three foot side jumps. if your tire folds under, pump it up some more. if your tire doesn’t fold, but is still a bit squishy that’s alright for trials. however, for muni i’d give it a few more pumps, and if it’s still almost folding i’d give it a few more pumps anyway. that’s always what i go by.

and great to hear about the KH20. i have had mine for almost a year now (in three more months that is), and they are great. the first uni i had was a 24 inch semcycle XL and i basically destroyed it when i started trials. i’ve had no problems with the KH20 and i use it for both muni and trials.

oh sorry, i assumed it was a KH20 but you just said “KH trials uni”.

It is a KH20. Isn’t there only one KH trials uni?
Thanks for the advice. My friend wasn’t home until reeaally late last night, so I couldn’t get it pumped yet. And now I have to wait until after school…

Tire pressure is really personal preference in my opinion. Personally, for trials I pump it up as hard as I can without it feeling “dead”- no idea what pressure this is but it’s easily tested by hopping up and down a few times. In my opinion, the better the “snap” you can get out of your tire, the higher you can jump, sort of like lacing a tennis racket tightly so that the ball rebounds faster. Also the harder the tire is, the less chance you’ll pinch flat or have tire rollover on off-camber surfaces.

Sometimes you can get away with much softer pressures for urban trials (except railing gaps) than natural terrain because urban obstacles are often flatter and more uniform than rocks and logs where you get more tire foldover. Dan Heaton uses a ridiculously soft tire, mainly I think because he primarily rides street and mostly does rolling hops rather than seat out in front hops.

For MUni I pump up the tire quite hard for climbing, and for descending keep it as soft as possible without bottoming out- definately softer than trials. On rocky terrain I usually keep it harder than on terrain with mostly dirt and roots, where there’s less chance of pinch flatting.


I have been experimenting with different air pressures lately.

I was riding a month ago at 18psi. My only problem was I was bottoming out the tire on the hop up. So I went all the way up to 23 psi. It felt hard as a rock. Landings seemed really hard even off curb heighth and I could’nt get a decent snap. I made up for it by pulling harder on the handle, but that left a twinge in my elbow.

I eventually worked my way down to 20 psi, which I was using for the last two weeks. But I couldn’t seem to get smooth with my technique. Regular riding always seemed a little “off”, too. Tonight, I took it out the MUni sat around for a week. I rode it as I hopped up 8 steps. I felt fluid and smooth. Curb riding was awesome. Just felt more stable I checked my psi after and found it to be surprisingly back at 18 psi.

Joe Merrill stated something once, that I thought made a lot of sense.:
“Your body needs to adapt and become loose and flexible.”

My body seems to work best at 18 psi. For now, I think I will stick with that PSI and work on loosening up my body to improve my technique and then gradually(years) move up the PSI. That way, my body can work better with a snap at higher pressures.

I get fold over at that psi when riding across 45 degree slopes and it folds when I hop up that type of slope. I A parking lot around here has a steep incline around it. But, I really don’t ride anything in the trails around here that is that steep, so why worry about it, I guess.

I way 155 lbs.

There’s the $400 KH 20 and the $1200 KH 20. The 1200 dollar has Profile cranks and hub, a better frams, and a magura hydraulic brake. Those are about the only differences I’ve seen. Also, don’t wait for him to get home to pump up the tire, go out and buy a pump! You simply must have a pump on hand.

There is more than one KH Trials Unicycle, they are mass produced, there must be hundreds, if not thousands of them. I second what gerblefranklin said, buy yourself a pump, or go down to the petrol (gas) station and use the free air compressor if they have one. If you are really poor, do some extra dishes or some work around home, and then ask your parents nicely if they can help you purchase a pump. It will come in handy if you ever get a puncture and want it fixed ASAP. It’s no good always relying on someone elses equipment if they are not always around to lend it to you.

I have had similar experiences with my 24x3" while hopping. I had it soft (approximately 15-18 psi at a guess), and it feels good to ride and hop with, but as soon as I tried sidehopping up an incline, I got major foldover. It’s not something I do often, but I experimented with more pressure. It felt so much harder to hop with. I have to find a pressure inbetween to compromise, because it’s no good bottoming out when landing drops onto concrete.

I meant different kinds. Like the expensive one and the one I have. I expect you knew that, though. :slight_smile:

And I’m not poor (well, I am now that I bought the new uni, but I have a paper route to earn cash), but my pump just broke recently. That’s why I haven’t gotten a new one yet. It was a crappy one anyway…

i went without a pump for ages, it was well annoying having to borrow my mates ones. i went to the local “cheapo” shop looking for a lock and came out with a double acting pump with all the accesories:D :smiley: for only £1!!! it’s worked fine for about a month and is really fast at pumping up cus its double acting.

i have my trials tyre at about 22-24 psi i find if i have it any lower i rim out when pre hopping.


I have an expensive pump. I lashed out and got a decent one for NZ$85 because those cheap ones never seem to last the distance. A pump with good seals should last a long time (I hope). That was the first accessory I bought after getting a MUni, because I didn’t think it deserved being pumped by an inferior design. I don’t use it often but it’s a worthy investment, having presta and schraeda nozzles, and ball and bladder fittings, and a pressure guage.