My new helmet

I got a helmet today. It looks pretty cool, silverish grey.

Anyway it’s supposed to be like single impact, shouldn’t use it after an accident, and I dropped it on concrete from about two metres(this girl hit me on the head while I was putting it on, sitting on my unicycle). So, does it mean I have to get a new one? Or is two metres unto concrete OK? Anyway, I don’t expect serious accidents(well, noone does I suppose). When I start grinding and stuff I’ll probly get a new one. But do you think it’s all right to wear it for now?

I passed skill level 1 today!

btw, off topic.

In skill level 1.
Does ‘mount the unicycle unassisted’ mean free mount or can I use a wall?

I think it means freemount :thinking:

I am also passed level 1 :slight_smile:

Unassisted is unassisted, and using a wall is assisted, so you must freemount.

Oh well, than I’m still 0.9.

I can turn right and even hop a bit, but I can’t freemount. Tough.

Helmets are labeled “single impact” because the helmet company doesn’t want to be held liable when you get hurt while wearing an old banged up helmet. It’s up to you, but I had a “single use” XC mountain bike style helmet that I wore for more than five years through many dings and accidents before it finally cracked in two. The plastic shell was even falling off, but the styrofoam remained solid until the final impact that broke it.

Back on topic.

Inspect your helmet carefully for cracks or breaks. If no damage, wear it. If you find a break, you get another new helmet.

Cycle helmets are marked single impact for three reasons:

  • That way they avoid litigation when an old helmet fails after the nineteenth fall.
  • That way, they sell more helmets.
  • Impacts do damage helmets. Helmets are designed to absorby the energy of the impact by partly collapsing.

Taken to its logical conclusion, if you went downhill mountainbiking, you would have to carry a couple of carefully-wrapped spare helmets in case you fell off early in the ride.

If you drop an empty helmet, it will suffer less damage than if you fall the same distance when wearing it. The polystyrene inner won’t collapse as it decelerates your head.

Dropping it might damage the outer shell. A careful visual inspection should give you a clear idea.

Dropping it might crack the inner, but you’d have to be pretty unlucky. A careful visual inspection should give you a clear idea.

If you do have a fall, then a bad helmet is still better than no helmet.

My gut feeling is you shouldn’t worry. This is a case where common sense should overrule a literal interpretation of the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

If you want to avoid injuries completely, sit on your backside watching TV until you develop a heart problem instead. In short, it is better to die than never to live.

For sure.

Anyway, I would say you can definitely continue to use the helmet without any worries. Everyone I know abuses their helmets, it’s fine.

Did you go to boarding school?:stuck_out_tongue:

um, it will work fine. My helmet has fallen off of like 6 foot drops onto concrete(of course I wasn’t playing catch with it):wink:

It is fine. There wasn’t a five pound head inside to transfer enough g forces to do any damage to the helmet, aside from scratches or dings.

K, thank you everyone!

It’s way too hot to wear one anyway.

off-topic again - did you ever have this thing when you start relying on safety signs too much and then when there isn’t one you kind of think that it’s OK to do something stupid. I really don’t know how to explain and can’t think of an example right now. But you sort of get this feeling in one part of you “dude, that’s just stupid and dangerous” and in the other one “well, there isn’t a safety precaution against it…”. Anyway I should probably just stop reading safety signs altogether, seeing they aren’t too helpful and start thinking for myself…

Part of growing up is making your own decisions.

Make bad decisions, you will be sorry.:frowning:
Make good decisions, you will be happy. :slight_smile:

what’s the difference between good and bad?
I mean it might be good now, but later it really sucks big time…

I’ve abused my helmet for years and it’s fine!

But then again you never know, untill you take it to a good psychiatrist.