My New Freestyle Video

First of all, a big thank you to Danio149 for hosting my video. I have been compiling some freestyle footage for a couple of months now, and in the grand tradition of showing off, I decided to post it here. I’m sorry about the poor quality of some of the clips, especially the coasting and hand wheel walk ones, but I think the video should be interesting anyway. Here’s the link.
A few notes on the clips;
The backward wheel walk was my best ever at over 50 steps. I was thrilled to capture it on film.
The trick near the end is seat in front one-footed leg extended. Because of the filming angle it is hard to see that I have the seat out.
There is no gliding in the video; its all coasting except where I transition out of coasting.
Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching.
Jonathan Miersma

Nice maneuvering in that room.
(I see no holes in the walls :smiley: )

Wow, awesome video. That was some really great riding. I couldn’t see alot of the clips though, but all those backward walk the wheels were so good. Good video!

Pretty amazing stuff you do. I reely like the feet in back forwards wheelwalking, and the dog…:smiley:

Very nice work.

I forgot to say, the reason the poor quality is that all the clips were taken on my family’s digital camera’s video setting. Also my brother set the camera at the wrong resolution for some of the clips.
I haven’t put any holes in the wall yet, although I did slightly damage a speaker once. By this time I’m pretty experienced with maneuvering down there.

Wow! Amazing riding. It’s great to finally see a freestyle video pop up here at My favourite clip was the wheel walking of sorts where you had your toes in the spokes behind the frame…brilliant!


Wow, good work JSM! I was so impressed with what you could do in such a small space! So those of us dealing with snowy streets and icy trails have no excuse for not working on uni skills. Hey, all it looks like we need is a small bedroom or the corner of a living room. :smiley:

Great ending with you juggling the three clubs while idling…very controlled start and finish. Well done.

Really nice.

I’m glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to make.

I thought I should make a note on the forward wheel walk, with the feet in back. Although I try to be original in my unicycling, I did not invent that one, and I don’t want to create that impression. I believe it was invented by Dustin Kelm. At least, he’s the only person I know of who has done it. I saw him do it in a video on When I saw the video, I thought it would be cool to try to learn it, but I didn’t get around to working on it until a few weeks ago. I’m not that good at it, and I can only do it barefoot.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the technical term for this one is forward spoke walk. I know it’s backward spoke walk if you put your feet in back on the sides of the tire, (it’s on the IUF skills list) so since this is just the same trick except forward, it should be called forward spoke walk.

Re: My New Freestyle Video

On Sat, 8 Jan 2005 19:07:02 -0600, “jsm” wrote:

>Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching.

I enjoyed it. Amazing wheel walk varieties. Some of the outside clips
were too far away. Did I see a one-handed handride about halfway?
Couldn’t discern quite well.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

It’s impossible to get old when you ride a unicycle - John (what’s in a name) Childs

It’s standard two-handed backward handride. As far as I know, the only person who does one-handed handride on a standard unicycle is Guy Hansen (from Utah?), who is insanely good at handride. I even saw a picture of him handriding a UW. I, on the other hand, rarely get beyond ten cycles of the wheel with “normal” handride.

I don’t think that Guy has done one-handed riding on a standard uni. He has a modified uni with a peg on one side where the crank would be. With this he only cranks with one-hand but the other hand is still supporting some of his weight.

As for the handriding of an UW I also don’t think that he’s done this. I took a picture of him trying though. The picture ended up looking like he was actually riding but it was actually “falling with style”.


I guess I found this thread confusing. In any case though, anyone who could handride 0.3 miles is still amazingly good at it.

Re: My New Freestyle Video

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 14:53:16 -0600, “mgrant” wrote:

>As for the handriding of an UW I also don’t think that he’s done this.
>I took a picture of him trying though. The picture ended up looking
>like he was actually riding but it was actually “falling with style”.

It has been done though, by Reino from Sweden. Not only that, but it
was on a slackrope! <>

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

It’s impossible to get old when you ride a unicycle - John (what’s in a name) Childs

Nice tricks! Glad to finally see a freestyle video for once. I especially like the spoke walk forward and backward, but you only can do it barefooted, huh? I think that’ll be one of the tricks I learn this year. And I’m not sure Dustin Kelm does spoke walk forward, I think he does wheel walk feet behind frame forward and backward (so his feet are ontop the wheel vs. to the side of the wheel by the spokes). Keep up the good work.

Re: Re: My New Freestyle Video

Sure looks like he’s got a tire on his rim to me .

Reino Pics

impressive !

I know/saw a guy that could stand on his hands and suck down a long neck bottle of beer. :smiley:
(a feat worth watching also)

I made a mistake in the above statement. I don’t know for sure if Guy can or cannot hand ride an ultimate weel. I’ve never seen him do it but I would not be surprised if he can.

The picture I was thinking of was actually an impossible wheel handstand. Guy did not immediately fall and actually made it further on his hands than I can on my feet. The impossible wheel (or BC wheel) had BMX style round pegs fastened to the axle.

Sorry to add to the confusion. I wish Guy would get with the times and join us here. :slight_smile:

Next time I talk to him I’ll have to get a full update on the specifics.

BTW, I’d bet that many of you are unaware that Guy Hansen is very likely the first person to use a Coker wheel for a unicycle and is probably the person responsible for ushering in the era of commercially available 36" wheel unicycles.


Right. In the video I saw he did what is sometimes called “lace walk” forward and backward. Personally, I think it looks a lot better than spoke walk, but since spoke walk is so much easier, that’s the way I learned it. Mostly I just wanted to give him credit for the trick, since I would never have thought of learning it if I hadn’t seen him do the other variation.

Great stuff!
But is there some way to make that little window it plays on any bigger?it was so small i couldnt see most of the out side stuff.But what i did see was great!

I dont know how you can do that barefooted like that, i try and smash up my toes.

If you right click and “Save Link As” you can download the video; then you can watch it any size you like in your standard media player.

Great video; up until now I was wondering if I was the only person who rode in the house! I found that the ceiling is to low for trials riding; however for freestyle indoors works well.

As for riding bare footed; my trials uni is equipped with Snafu’s…