my new frame

wow you just did too now stfu

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I always hated Emo’s anyways.

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i dont get why everyone is freaking the hell out

he made a prototype and someone stated the obvious

I don’t think what Evan said was all that bad just being captain obvious.

Just a thought, Because person A. can afford everything he needs to make designer uni frames and powdercoat them himself doesn’t mean everybody else can. I know I don’t have the money for such things.

Anyone who has the tools to make something like that, has enough money to buy the very inexpensive materals needed to get a good looking result.

I think Evan has a point that you guys dont seem to be getting. If you are going to spend all that time planning and designing a frame at least get some nice metal that will work for what you want to do. Thats all He’s saying. If your going to spend that much time and effort you might as well spend the extra money to make it work better and look nicer.
Good job on the frame though.

this thread on its own is a reason to stop being on

I feel sorry for bobouse who just wanted to show off his new frame and all he got was comment on the metal he used… He knows its scrap cause he made it. And he probably doesnt care.

i don’t care and i said it… i didn’t finished it properly cause i just want to test if it’s strong or not before starting a paint job or anything like that… the frame is not finished…

Hope im not being grouped into the “You guys” group that is mentioned a lot in here. :stuck_out_tongue: :o :angry: :roll_eyes: :wink: :sunglasses: :thinking: :slight_smile:

I like the frame, hope it has been holding for you. Really need to do some high-stress moves on it now. Hopping on the wheel, down 7 pallets and over 6 feet? =p

EDIT: Lucky, I can only use 10 faces in here, I did have 21…

i’m not going to do big drops haha i stopped trials and big street for 3 months now cause i broke my foot… and i don’t want to go big anymore
but i’ll test it for flatland haha

But it is somewhat of a flatland trick, just done stupidly large down a drop. =p

Keep us updated though. Its pretty interesting with all the frames being designed and made right now.

i’ll test really in a few minutes… i just finished replaced the rivet pop by a seat clamp it’s way better…

i am impressed at anyone that has the skills to make their own frame
go bobouse

I broke my foot crankflipping a 5 set and I have broken fingers many times(I know its not too bad) but that never stopped me or will stop me carrying on. When my foot healed up I went straight back to the set and I crankflipped it just so that I could know that I could.

It should take more than that to stop you doing what you love.

I get the feeling that I am going to have anoyed some people now :o Im sorry

It’s very hard to tell from the picture but the metal looks rusted and dirty (duh it’s scrap) but my point is that clean metal (at the weld joint) will be much stronger than rusted metal.

Did you clean it adequately before you welded it?

If you didn’t get new metal clean it and try again (when or if it breaks of course.)