my new frame

here’s my new home made frame i designed it for flatland…

i began to test it… i’ll see if it don’t break or not haha

that looks pretty awesome. did you get 2 bearing caps for each side and weld the bearing cap to the fork part on the frame?

1: Holy god you have skinny legs.

2: That frame looks like it was made up of random scrap metal.

Whats with the pop rivet in the seat tube and the randomized drilling of the legs? Buy some metal for a frame and try again.

Thats so rude Evan…Why would you say that…who cares

What do you think the very first KH frame looked like…or any other first prototype frame for that matter? I promise you it wasn’t painted metallic blue like the one in my living room…

forget evan’s comment, but good work bobouse, what is it made of steel?

Good job, i hope it doesnt break that would suck. How much does it weigh with all the holes?

Oh oh, Skrobo flashback…


Pobebly is, its only the prototype :wink:

i did’t finished it properly yet i want to test if it’s strong or not… i didn’t weight it now but i’ll…

@evan i’m not going to buy metal i just made it with old stuff except for the central part…

i really love it… i’ve got so much space for my feet so it’s a good frame for all coasting stuff haha
the two legs are from my devil’s frame so no i didn’t weld the bearing caps…
for the pop rivets i’ll get it off tomorrow to replace it by something else cause its moving a lil bit between the neck and the rest of the frame…

evan, quit being an ass. if i remember right you had something to do with making a frame that was much uglier than that… I actually think it looks decent except the cross member. i think it would be much stronger with a brace welded under it and to the legs … like a DX, but flat metal like the crossmember.

How am I being an ass? I’m not wrong saying thats scrap metal.

Should we pull up your old BC work? :wink:

That frame looks so awesome great job.

Oh snap Jerrick it straight up diss’in

Evan can have his own option. thats one thing i hate about this forum. its all hugs and kisses. Some times the stuf people post is shit. but everyone is like aww good job

im guessing you mean opinion?
if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all… unless someone asks what they did wrong… pointers are good to say in a positive connotation, that is what we usually do.

soo true. i think evan is right on that it is scrap metal. if it works it works. but it doesnt look that nice. even for a protoype.(if it is)

All im saying is pretty much any labor into a frame deserves good materials, Try again with non-scrap and you will get a much better result.

One of my reputation points on is “Toughen up pussy”…

I think some of you guys should follow suit.

All Evan said was that it looks like it was made from scrap metal, which indeed it was, end of story, shut it.


You just wasted 5 seconds of my time.