My new frame!

I welded a set of bearing holders to some cromoly tubing that I cut from an old bike frame and bolted them into an old Rock Shock crown that I had laying out in the shop. The angle of the steerer tube (trail angle) is perfect for achieving the proper tilt of the saddle. What do ya’ll think?

man, u should so give that to me …plz!

I’ll have to think about that, I’ve got almost $17 invested in that frame alone:D :wink:

:astonished: oooooh… pretty

Very nice, I love to see innovative frame etc! Does it knock the knees at all??


Love the look and the DIY ethic, (my muni frame was an MTB fork in a past life):slight_smile:

I get very little knee interference as it is the same width as my Yuni/Nimbus frame