My new DX is in!

My new 2010 20in Torker DX came in today! I just picked it up from the bike shop, now it’s off to go ride!

any pictures? or small fast review of it?


Feels really solid, though I’m not sure how much extreme abuse the hub will take just from first glance (if anything is to break I feel it will be this). I love the cranks. 127mm with a little bit of q factor that makes me feel a lot more stable than the zero q factor cranks I’ve been riding, but still keeps me going straight. I weighed it at my LBS and it came in at 13.5 lbs. A little on the hefty side, but lighter than they were. Grabbing the seat handle to jump I didnt feel any flex or give in the stock seat thus far. The seat IMO is more comfortable than the nimbus gel seats. Twisted PC pedals are nicer than a lot of stock pedals I’ve seen, but I think I will swap those out for metal removable pin pedals so that my feet really stick.

I’ll take some pictures here shortly and get them put up.

Cost me $260 U.S. plus tax.

WOW :astonished: it looks pretty good, i think i like the cranks the best

still the frame needs some work.

Yeah, I think it is just a little wide, and the nubs could be worked down a bit. The nubs arent a big deal to me since I havent started doing any tricks on the crown though.

Awsome uni, it looks a lot better then the old ones for sure.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Edit: How much do the new DXs weigh?

Thanks! I will!

I put this one on the scale at the bike shop and it was 13.5 lbs even.

is it just me or does the space between the bearings and the cranks seam a bit large.

It is a bit large. I think a little extra room was put in so that the cranks could be snugged down more on the hub once some wear and tear takes place.

omg. ima have to get the 24

Is it cheaper than a nimbus with moments?

I only paid $260 U.S. plus tax through my LBS. They don’t charge me as much mark-up as most shops though.

im gonna get one of these :stuck_out_tongue:

torker dx 2010

is the torker dx a good unicycle the 2010 model im talking about i weigh 80 pounds i will go off 7 foot jumps max i have aveinir mountain unicycle now and its a piece of crap


I have never heard of the aveinir, but yes, the 2010 DX is pretty rugged. If you are only 80lbs I don’t think you could put much of a dent in it. I weigh more than double what you do and it holds me just fine. You may want to look in to something a little lighter though, because this is probably one of the heaviest 19in unis.