My new death wheel :)

I just got the tire the other day, haven’t had a chance to try to ride it yet!

radial spokes are the shiznit

Is that 48 spoke? Looks like it could be more.

I count 48.
Thanks, I needed a quick distraction from homework and was hoping I’d find something else to do on this forum! :smiley:

Ya the spokes are cool, good luck with that tire, I cant ride a bc with one of those (dont let it touch your leg…ouch)

wow, thats a nice bc wheel. it’s not as cheesy as my brother’s and my bc wheel

Thats kool, whats up with the spoke patern? arnt they normally crossed over?

Perdy cool. Now take it to a skate shop and get grip tape on the plates. It makes it WAY easier to stay on.

Yes, they normally cross over three other spokes, there are however many different ways of lacing spokes, this is called straight laced ususally, or zero cross. It’s lighter but weaker, which is why lower cross numbers are used on roads bikes and higher cross numbers on trials and mountain machines. Has anyone ever made a 112 (?) spoke lowrider BC wheel?

Re: My new death wheel :slight_smile:

On Sat, 22 Oct 2005 05:35:19 -0500, kington99 wrote:

>zero cross. It’s lighter but weaker

Weaker only in drive (or brake) direction, but a BC wheel is not
stressed like that. And laterally, it’s potentially even a little bit
stronger than a cross-pattern. So, good thinking of loosejello!

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