my new custom paint "scheme"


i was working on some type of that…

but i started thinking about a brazilian camouflage… have more green

but your scheme is awesome

That wouldn’t work because you couldn’t wear your helmet over it!

I was thinking about some kind of face protection in case of one of those nasty UFP’s (unexpected Face Plants!) Especially doing that super rocky terrain muni, where it becomes a greater hazard for broken nose, teeth, etc! Of course, for me, that would probably be an improvement! :astonished:

What WOULD work would be a full face helmet, but it would likely be too heavy


this might be good, but it weighs 37 oz. And still doesn’t fully protect the front of your face, nose, eyes.


thats what these are for :smiley:


That’s good but still no nose protection. I guess you can’t have it all!


What do you mean you cant have it all???

Of course you can!

Actually have the same basic helmet-but it’s a MOTORCYCLE helmet! Waaaay to heavy for muni. (Of course this part of the thread is just a goof anyway!)

You’re stealing my ideas, Terry. And yes, the trick is the flat finish. There’s a paint store a block away from my crib that sells flat gloss spray. If you ever show back up for a Muni ride with the SBUNI group I’ll bring you a can. We’ll be out at Rocky Point this afternoon (Josh and I) and on Sunday as well.


How are you going to bash your nose when you’ve got a full-faced helmet? The chin guard sticks out in front of your faces a few inches… you’d have to run face-first into the end of a log no bigger than 3" in diameter to get your nose onto something…

yeah… that would hurt…auch

wouldnt it be heavy though

I’ve been riding muni with a friend in OC; last saturday it was Mission Viejo. This Saturday we’re doing “Top of the World” in Laguna. There a TONS of great muni trails from easy to technical in that area.

I went ahead and shot a coat of satin gloss lacquer over the camo. When I get some flat, I’ll shoot that over the satin to cut the sheen.:smiley:

I know this thread has taken a left turn and gotten onto this helmet/face protection thing. I just wanted to comment on your paint scheme.

I like it.