my new custom paint "scheme"

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now. I was getting bored of “plain” paint jobs in ONE solid color, and didn’t really want to spend a lot on p.coating and all that jazz. So I decided to experiment on a “camoflage” design on my 24" Torker DX muni, since I’m out there in the “wilderness” I thought this concept would look pretty cool, plus be somewhat unique since I’ve not seen any other uni in camoflage design, although there are probably some other ones out there. Anyway, I got the idea from my riding shorts which just happen to be…camo. I’m very happy with how well it came out. In addition to the frame, I ended up doing the seatpost, cranks and saddle bumpers too! And since my muni routinely gets “beat up” on the trails, it won’t much matter now! It’s CAMO! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

lacker it :slight_smile:

And you can see where my idea came from! You can barely see the seat post tube it blends in so well!:smiley:

I want it to remain flat.I don’t want it glossy. I tried to find flat clear but they only had satin, so I guess I’ll have to use that.

Now you can lose it when you set it down in the woods. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I didn’t think about that! HA, that’s a good one though! I’ll have to wear a “leash”, like a surfboard!:smiley:

That looks cool, except for the RED rim. Are you going to paint it too?

that looks so awsome…now you have to get a camo rim in there…

<EDIT> rider beat me to it.

I thought about that, so I probably will, plus I’ll do the SPOKES too! And maybe the tire and seat! just kidding! But since I don’t need/use brakes, I can also do the SIDES of the rim, which currently are silver.

no i think the black spkoes seat and tire work really well with youre shceme…its just that darn stubborn rim.

looks great, you should get the koxx camo seat for the full effect.

Might be tricky masking off the spokes, but it’s doable. But the sides of the rim will likely get scratched up when removing/installing the tire after the piant job. Maybe I’ll just do a flat-black rim. What’ya think?

Oh, are the handle/bumper camo too? Ha! The Koxx camo seat, get the pedals and rim camo, and it’ll be almost invisible!

Acctually I don’t the the red rim looks so bad… is that a Duro?

EDIT and link:

Cool! Where? Got a link?

Now all you need is a rack on the back to carry a rifle and deer stand and you’ll be set!:smiley:

And my new riding partner should be Vice Pres. Cheney!:smiley:

only if you want to be the game animal…HAHAHA

EDIT and link:


Yup, Duro. I think I will paint the rim flat black though. Yeah, I did do the saddle bumpers in camo, but it’s a little hard to see in the pic.

Too bad they don’t just sell the seat COVERS, like the fusion. 'cause the cover is all I need; Ihave the saddle, plus I don’t relish the thought of having to tear up ANOTHER seat to make ANOTHER air saddle. :astonished:

Really. I’d have to then start wearing FACE armour!