My New custom kOXX


I wouldn’t have dared to say that as everybody would have…

Well, you can fill that bit in.

Even if it makes people laugh, it doesn’t mean that that needs to be broadcasted over an internet forum, where people shouldn’t be judged.

what rim are you using? ill bet your using a kh rim, anyone who doesnt have the superwide kh rim hates the cc caus of the folding…the only ppl that seem to like the cc are kh owners, i dont hate it but i tried a tryall once and it was nicer, IMO, but then again it was on a k1 blueberry

Naw I always hatted it. Even before I new there were better options. Side wall is to thin period.

How much $$ is the CC compared to the Tryall stiky?

The point is, that it’s true that the CC isn’t a great tyre. Fair enough you have your own opinion about it. Maybe your demands in a tyre are far less than others of us.

But I can name dozens and dozens and dozens of riders in biketrials that hate the CC for its flawed properties. “They are a flawed tyre…” DIRECT quote Dani Comas (yes, he said that, in the flesh). So what does he do? Help develop the Eagle Claw… basically in a nutshell: a de-bugged and new-improved CC.

CC sidewalls aren’t great and have a strange property. Sometimes if you lean in properly at an extreme angle for a static gap and take off… the tyre screws up your takeoff and you just ‘loop off’. It’s as if you just took off from an ice rink. It does happen, and does happen to MANY top riders. I’m not going to force you into submission to stay away from the CC. Keep it if you want. It doesn’t affect me.

TrialsUni and Danni can tell you from their experience too if you wish. They are picky about tyres, and too right they should be. If we want be the best we can, we need to push our technique to the extreme. If our equipment is pulling us behind, we need to replace it. But It doesn’t matter for newish riders or ones that aren’t fussed about second-rate hardware.

Strive for nothing less than excellence.

Try-all = 53$ (I converted that from euros on the koxx site, so I doubt it’s actually right)

no meanin any ofence to you jamessd and jerrick but sponge probs knows more bout techniques and hardware. hes got the experience from trial bikin and everywher else. he even designed the best trials frame ther is!

so i trust his opinions more than most other ppls on this forum.

yeh what ppl post are a bit harsh about the cc… but when uve used all the tyres long-term and can compare 4 urself, u get a clear opinion of what is good and bad. also take into account the opinions of others like bikers and other uniers

2 be blunt some of you arent good enough at trials yet to understand and be affected by components drasticly… so beginenrs need not complain about the cc… its a great n00b tyre cos its grippy no doubt. but for the better riders out ther, it aint good.

BUT SERIOUSLY>>>> THIS Is gettin off-topic. CC lovers can post a new thread to defend their tyre if they want.

DUDE, NICE UNI! I luv the white blueberry. its a sick setup

But that’s happening way too much nowadays. An opinion is personal, and should be kept that way. Ok, maybe the majority like the Try-all, but that in the end is going to deter newcomers from getting an alternative tyre, which they may like more.

But, where in england can I buy an EC?

the point is that his opinions arent all personal when it comes to hardware and technique.

i think he clearly stated that he always takes into account the opinions of others hes personally talked to and combines them to come up with a fair analysis and conclusion. its good. You see in other thingz in life the top gurus of knowledge arent so narrow minded and take only their opinion in mind… they take hundreds of other opinions and judgments in and come up with a very fair and decent conclusion.

well, also theres the eagle claw tyre as an alt to tryall… as many hav said befor… the EC is the CC but improved… lets put it into perspectiv: PS2—>PS3

also theres the luna and echo tyres which are amazing urban tyres

I switch back and forth from a Alex DX32 rim and the KH rim. Ive been on the Dx32 for a way longer time than on the KH rim.


on a kh rim i think the cc would be ok, anyother rim i think it sucks

if you don’t know FOR SURE don’t go defending or not defending a certain object. if you don’t know. don’t post. know something before you post it.

i don’t mean to start another argument but please keep this in mind.:slight_smile:

I have a pretty high demand in my tire. Grippy, cant fold or pinch easily, can run well in below freezing weather, and that can last me for a long time. SO far, the CC has met my needs just fine.

Thats nice, and Ive known about the EC tire for a while now. I can also name a lot of riders who love the CC.

I didnt say this doesnt happen, and its happened to me when I first started to ride on a CC tire, but it went away.

Geeze, your replies back are pretty off from what ive typed. Ive already heard their and everybody else’s experience, thats why I like to say about my experiences too. Some times it agree with people, other times its different.

Im picky about my tires too, if I am riding something that I feel is holding me back, im not gonna keep riding it, ill look for something better, for me though, and a lot of others, the CC works. And are you implying that I am not trying to push myself to ride the best I can or that I am a newish rider? I sure hope not.

Good quote. =p

Im not offended at all. Im not doubting his intelligence about the subject either. Im just riding a different tire. Im liking the different tire, and I stated that.

Thats good, I usually do too. To be honest though, sometimes I just really couldnt care what Joe Hodges likes and what dozens of trials bikers like. I need to ride my own stuff and be able to get a feel for it so I can make a choice on how it feels for me when I am riding on it.

Thats true, and I have had a chance to ride a few different tires for a while. Not all of them. I ordered the Try-all and its coming soon. Ill be doing plenty of snowy street, muni and trials with it before I start comparing it to my Luna and CC.

This is true too. But honestly, I think I am good enough to judge a good or bad tire. Gaping skinny to skinny to skinny ect, big ups and down. (ups are finally getting better around 35" now. Was stuck at 32" for such a long time) nice sized gaps and good control with natural lines and riding skinnies.

Nah, because I dont want it to become something like a Mac vs PC type of thing. CC vs try-all. Its not worth it. Some tires have better properties than other tires, and a lot of you will like this tire, another lot of you will like another tire, and thats it for me. Its kinda like how people like the Nimbus II frame better than a KH frame.

Long post. :stuck_out_tongue:

So trrue! Oh, with two r’s lol. I especially like the white spokes. Can you get 540s yet? I know you where doing 360s on your 26", so those probably feel like butter on the smaller wheel.