My new coker!

I ordered a stock coker frame from Darren Bedford and he was able to put hydraulic brake mounts on it and powdercoat it black for me. He also gave me a free seat clamp, which is pretty sweet. I also ordered the UDC airfoil rim wheelset and I received both orders a couple days ago. I put it all together last night after I moved back into my apartment here at virginia tech. My friend was able to get me into a shop on campus where I could use some tools to put the unicycle together. I followed Harper’s advice and stretched the frame legs by holding one side in a vice (wrapped in a cloth), and after putting the frame on the wheelset I heard the spokes hitting the frame. Once again I followed Harper’s advice and made two small dimples in the frame legs and it worked like a charm! I was only able to ride it for a little bit last night on the way home from the shop because I started feeling really sick. It probably didnt help that I went in an outdoor hottub last night in the freezing weather. My friends all think that the new unicycle looks impresive, a lot more so than my 29er. I cant wait to beat this cold so I can go ride it some more, till then…I will just have to admire it on my wall. and Darren both have great customer service and I couldn’t of been happier with either order. I will post pictures shortly.

Edit: For those of you wondering, I decided to hold off a little bit on getting a gUni.

Congrats, now get better and get some miles on that machine

wish you many happy miles on that handsome uni.

Ive got a question, how hard is it to ride up/down hills with a 36" because here, where I live we got one hill after the other and I consider buying a coker if thats ok with the steep hills.

Otherwise I’ll go for the 29 Nimbus

Question, did that wheelset have the wide hub on it and if so, how much “stretching” did you have to do to get it to fit? I’m asking because I am trying to figure out if Darren’s frame will accept the udc wide hub myself.


I would say I stretched it a half inch or less. It was not too difficult to fit on the wheelset. It isnt really “Darren’s frame”, he just uses stock coker frames and paints them or adds stuff to them for people. The frame you order from Darren will fit the UDC wide hub with a little adjustment (as I had to do). But for a short answer, Yes, “darren’s frame” will fit the UDC wide hub.

Righto. Thanks!

I am not too sure yet, I will let you know once I feel well enough to take it for a 10 mile ride or so around here on the mountainous roads. I do not think it will be too hard to ride up/down hills since I have 150mm cranks.