My new Coker

I finally got a Coker, and a good one too. I got one of the last GB frames and a wheel with Airfoil rim and UDC Extra Wide Coker Hub, it is beautiful.

I found it alot easier to ride than I feared. I rode up a pretty steep hill on the first try (it came with 170 mm cranks installed, I ordered 150s and 125s too).

I have one problem, some of the spokes are really loose, and the spokes in general are quite loose. Should the spokes on a Coker seem looser, because of the bigger wheel? When i rode it to my LBS he thought I should tighten all the spokes. Should I tighten all my spokes and how should I do it without ruining the wheel? I guess I should tighten the loosest spokes first, but how much?


You should definitely tighten up the spokes. Have it done right away or you will end up with broken spokes and possibly a ruined wheel. They should be very tight.

I’m jealous:(

Thats a sweet coker!

I’ve been looking into doing mine up after I bent the hub. Why do cokeurs usually fit the extra-wide hub? Mine is a Qu-Ax and the hub is no wider than the hub on my trials uni. Is the Coker frame wider than the Qu-Ax?

Nice machine anyway, man!


That really IS a sweet coker, nice one mate!

yes, that is a beeautiful coker. Get the spokes tightened…They should be as tight on a coker as on any other wheel.

I think that the stock frames (Qu-Ax, and the Big One) are normal hub width when they’re manufactured.

I’m no expert, but I think that the wider hub is just a desired upgrade to add some lateral stability to an inherently weak (because of the big diameter) wheel. I think that the stock coker frame is bendable to accept the bigger hub. I have also read of people taking more exact approaches to making the frame accomodate the wide hub.

I’m on the bandwagon with that being one fine looking machine.

Yay! Another Coker in Scandinavia. If you have never trued a bicycle wheel before let a good bike shop do it for you. If the big wheel doesn’t fit their truing stand they can do the job using the frame as truing stand.

Rusty, did you manage to fix those spokes?

Awesome 36"er, Im lovin the Dark Blue color.

Yes, it is really tight now. The guy at my LBS did three rounds of tightening so it was pretty loose.

I love riding my new Coker, I’m getting more and more confident and going faster and faster.