My new Coker, you all know how happy I am.

I’m so excited and no one really cares that much.
A big change from the 24", sooooo smooth and quiet, but really scarey at first.
I rode about 5 miles in Chapel Hill.
This year I want to learn to mount :smiley:

1) I know you are and congrats on getting your speed machine.
2) Its cause the tyre has a larger diameter causing you to cover greater distance in a shorter time.
3) Very nice. :smiley:
4) You’ll pick up on it soon enough. Good luck with it too also.

someone needs to visit cary.

you can notice how much taller it is, I see how you fell over onto that truck while free mounting!

Congratulations. That really is a huge difference, going from a 24 to a 36.

Try working your freemount in a grassy area. That worked for me. I could not ride in the grass but I was not so intimidated to work on the basics of getting up onto a much taller unicycle. After a few successful mounts over grass, I moved to the street, mounted and rode away. :slight_smile:

Nicely put, of course I tried mounting from my Maxima but it was too low :sunglasses:

Just a friendly encouragement here…

…you should be wearing some gloves! You’ll be digging rocks out of your palms sooner than later if you continue to go gloveless.

My KH Pulse gloves have saved my skin on multiple occasions. I won’t ride without them.

Yeah, wrist wraps or great gloves are a must

I’m not a very good rider. I have gone hundreds of miles (all locally) on my 36. I started uni last spring. I have never tried to free mount the 36, although I am at 90 % on my 24. Terry, Muniaddict, unigeezer, has some videos on you tube that make it look easy enough. I am sure once you know how, it is.

I want to caution you that it is very easy to ride a 36. I ride mine at night with a small light that seems fine. Everything is great, and then I do a palm skid suddenly. I don’t seem to see every stone that just sort of ends up under my tire. I’m not at all paranoid, not the worry sort. It is to hot here to wear a helmet, leg guards, or even long pants.

I consider wrist wraps, or some sort of palm skid surface mandatory, because of how much I have scuffed mine up. For just street riding, leg guards aren’t so important if you have strong arms and tough palm amour. I save my knees by sliding brutally on my palms, something I couldn’t do without wrist wraps.

Wrist wraps (I use Harbingers, but others are maybe as good or better), cannot be over recommended for a 36 street rider. One stone and it’s a palm plant. You won’t get far without having one, and it’s a way’s down from that 36. :astonished:

Thanks for the excellent advice, I shall look for some gloves.
BTW, like this pic on your website, gloves?:smiley:

I like your license plate :slight_smile:

the dangerous part of falling off the coker…

you are going through the air at running speed (or faster) and your legs were only going around at walking speed


It looks like you are one of the first to receive the new BIG ONE.
Good Luck!
Have fun on ONE!!

Would It be possible to get some close-ups of the components (rim, hub, saddle and cranks)?
If we can’t get them from Coker maybe you can help.

There are a few photos here.

Did that guy just snap his hub?

Oh, I remember the feeling when I got mine :roll_eyes: It didn’t last long, though -> had to ride it for 10 kms home, but still:D

Excellent find, you web sleuth! That’s an old pic, back from when I only had one unicycle and very little safety gear. I regretted the lack of gloves right there…

And, as JDW has discovered, that uni had a cotterless hub that didn’t like my drop to flat. That was my excuse to upgrade to Profiles. In the weeks where I had a one-crank uni, I learned to mount and ride one-footed quite well :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my new Big One late last week and yes it is very imtimidating at first. I would practice free-mounting on your 24 first and get that perfected and then try on the 36. The procedure is exactly the same, it is just a larger jump up to mount and ride away. It took some practice, but I am now able to free-mount my 36 pretty consistently. I went from a 24 to a 29 and then to a 36.

I learned the hard way and I think I can still find gravel under my skin! The worst was I was just enjoying a ride and a dog came out of nowhere and barked. Scared the … out of me. Needless to say I got scars to remind me to pay attention. Ha!

hey thanks for the heads up on the wrist support, I ordered some Harbingers off
eBay, and thanks for all the encouragement. I did another 4 miles today, non-stop with hills:)