My New Bedford Trials BC wheel

Hi everyone, yesterday my new trials bc wheel came and its awesome:D It has an orange powder coated rim and orange grip tape on Pro Platforms. The 2.5" tire makes it sooo much smoother. Going up curbs its alot easier and coming down them is like a little bump in the road, its cool. Right now on my other bc my highest landed hop is 20", i can do 17.5" really consistantly and i have cleared 26" but not ridden away so those hights might improve faster now. Usually when i ride my normal bedford bc, i have the wheel rubbing against my leg to slow down and if i need more control…not with the trials. First i rode it without shinguards and my leg hurt from the tire rubbing it then i put on my 661s (they were worn down on the side where i put the tire to slow down going down hills and stuff) within a few feet, i tore a hole right in my 661s:( Its not that big of a problem because i will learn to bow my legs more so it doesnt eat me. Right now i have a brand new luna on it but i also have a brand new maxxis creepy crawler so i will ride it with both and see which one i like better.
Here are some pics:




Hrm, Looks awesome, Still think you should got an Mbc…




that’s sooo cool. I wish I had money.

I had that problem too but it was just my birthday so i used birthday money from 2 people, some money from working and 40 dollars from my pocket.

Right now I’m going throught the same thing i went through when i switched from short plates to long. Hopping for hight on the trials feels way different to me than on the smaller one so i am having some problems but once i get used to the change i will probably be better with the trials than the other one.




I totaly love the orange powder coat its sweet how much did you pay for the whole thing ?

That is amazing! I love the colors. Did you get the valve adapter I sent you yet?

I don’t mean to Insult Spencers BC in any way, but how is that amazing? Its in no was an engineering marvel.

The colors, and the fact that its a BC trials.

Are you shooting in a little mini studio?

Looks like you threw down a blanket or something for the background? Better than the average product photo I’ve seen on here :slight_smile:

Dont tae offence to Evan when i said someone should make a Bc trials a while back he said it was stupid then too, but it look hella cool, right on Spence!


It was about $280 US.

Not yet, it might be in my mailbox because its all the way down the street so we dont check it that often. After fighting with it more i finally pumped up the tire but if i ever have to do it again im definately using the valve extender :smiley:

Because its cool.

Ya, my mom is a professional photographer so i just put up some of her stuff in my living room. I used a backdrop with a lighting system:D

Ya i know, thats evan :roll_eyes:

Looks cool, it looks dutch actually, with the crown and the orange and stuff, looks like a royal dutch bc wheel :stuck_out_tongue: Lucky you!

After finally trying a real BC wheel with Tim and the gang, and having zero success, I must say a trials BC wheel sounds ridiculous. I can barely do trials on a full unicycle, so i got nothign but respect for you. Post some videos.


so how is the fatter tyre working out for you? whats your opinion compared to the skinner wheel you had befor it?

any vids yet?

though it has a trials rim and tire, it’s not for doing trials.