My New Bedford Freestyle

I’d do this as a review… but… I’m just gonna say… this unicycle is great. Today was my first day on it, and it felt perfect. Mind you… this was also my first day riding… but… i’ve caught on pretty quick. Already going pretty long on it (not quite 50m… though… we didn’t measure), landed a few successful freemounts, and haven’t had any bad falls. Can catch it behind and infront of me. I’ll be level one by tomorrow.

Anyway… This thread isn’t about me… it’s about my spanky Bedford Freestyle.

I’m very satisfied with the price. The uni, without the flames, 300 tax and shipping to newfoundland (East Coast Canada).

Absolutely no regret in ordering this specific uni, a uni in general, or dealing with Darren. Everything went smooth, and it even arrived 2 days early. I just wish he had some male seats in stock.

Pretty cool, I use to want to be a freestylist.
Nice uni, and welcome to the forums.


what do you mean by male seat??

Very nice - I love the flame decals that Darren has.

I have a 29" on the way from him which I’m hoping is at the post office today. I’m very anxious :slight_smile:

maybe that was a reference to his… genatilia… if you will.

Awesome looking uni! good luck with it!


Yes. Yes it was.